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Team Awesome

The #fuelledbyAwesome Team are a group of individuals that believe in the message of AWESOME Supplements. A team that support us and helps us to educate and empower people via the work they do, leading by example in their message, sport or discipline. AWESOME people helping you become awesome-er…

Sheli Mccoy

Sheli Mccoy Top UK Crossfitter

Sheli Mccoy

Name: Sheli "Quads" McCoy (Mres, BSc Hons SES , CFT, CPT)

Age: OMG ....... I'm not telling you.

What you do in the fitness industry: I'm a CrossFit Athlete, I compete throughout the year locally, nationally and internationally.

How do you train and why: I train everyday with 1 rest day and 1 active recovery day. My training is constantly varied high intensity functional movements because it prepares me for any workout I may face in qualifiers and events. It also makes me a pretty handy human to have around :-)

Personal motto if you have one: I have 2. "Never try to be someone your not, it's a waste of the person you are”. AND, "Success is the sum of all efforts".

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Eat ALL the vegetables you can find / Drink all of the water you can get.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I am a creature of habit and love a routine with my meals. Breakfast would be Porridge with Goji berries, flaxseed, almonds and cinnamon, I have 3 meals a day with a protein source (salmon, chicken, turkey, steak) sweet potato or Quinoa and ALL the broccoli, asparagus, green beans I can eat. I Drink Americano Coffee with pouring cream and cinnamon once or twice a day. I snack on Antipasto (Salami, Chorizo) most days as I need the high fats in my diet to support my training, recovery and overall calorie intake. I also have nuts,seeds, Rawnola, Battle oats Bars, Quest Bars and I tend to eat raw broccoli a lot :-) I'm a huge fan of Popcorn.

Sheli McCoy Pose

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: I have weightlifting goals to Snatch 80kg and Clean and Jerk 100kg, I have CrossFit competition goals to qualify for and attend the regionals, and I have personal targets using my sporting achievements to inspire others, be a role model to those who need one and help others better themselves where ever I can, I want to be more human. :-) I guess my own personal desire to make something of myself motivates me along with my desire to make my family proud, especially my mum.

What's your recipe for AWESOME: For me AWESOME is something I'm still striving towards ..... I train consistently, I look after my body and I always dedicate my mind and body to give my best in my daily routine. I make my fitness my priority. I want to be awesome and someone my nieces look up to, ages 9 and 2 they are very important to me, they are AWESOME.

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber Nutritionist & Rugby

Ben Coomber

Name: Ben Coomber

What you do in the fitness industry: Well, aside from creating Awesome Supplements, I’m an educator, speaker, writer and play rugby as my sport of choice. My mission in the fitness industry is to be the voice of reason and inspire life change on people’s journey, a journey that I try inspire as a result of my work.

I believe that realising your true potential, and working hard to be as healthy and fit as possible, all while enjoying life to the full, is one of the greatest journeys we can go on. Without your health, life is limited, be truly healthy and happy, and life is limitless.

I have the UK’s #1 health and fitness podcast Ben Coomber Radio, have inspirational videos that have reached hundreds of thousands of people, run an online nutrition course called the BTN Academy, and travel doing seminars and public talks, all while helping people daily with my advice and tips on social media.

How do you train and why: I train for a multitude of reasons, which can often be tough. Being a rugby player I need to try and train for strength, power, speed, and endurance, a fine balance. I’m no high level athlete, I just play because I love the game and it’s a way of life for me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to perform to my potential in every training session and in every game. Thus I am happy to balance those goals with aesthetics too, who doesn’t like to look good naked! So it’s a mix of rugby skills and conditioning, and strength, power and hypertrophy work in the gym.

Personal motto if you have one: #beAWESOME

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Stop worrying about all the details and make sure the basics are nailed. We are good in the fitness industry and focusing on the tiny details, when the basics aren’t nailed first. Nail your sleep, nutrition, training, work/life balance, what you do for fun, in a basic and easy to manage way, and once you think you’ve nailed that are are ready to become more ‘advanced’, then do so. Don’t run before you can walk.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: My eating is regimented as I like to focus my time on doing the things I want to do. I eat 4-5 times a day, usually with 3 meals planned or cooked in advance so I know I have stuff in the fridge I can just heat up. The other two meals are more flexible to accommodate for my travel, training and what I fancy. I often sit down and eat with family in the evening, so this allows me to stick to my goals, but also to be flexible. I roughly eat 3400-3600 calories a day depending on training, and tweak this if my goals change. I also love a beer at the weekend and enjoy eating out, I just account for it in my overall calorie intake.

Ben Coomber Sled Push Training

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: I am a very self driven individual, I don’t need anything external to drive me forward, I get up, have a clear plan, and simply do it. I want to make sure I am the happiest and healthiest person I can be, I want to be successful in my sport and enjoy it, I want to enjoy time with my friends and family, travel the world and have adventure in my life, and have success in my career. Yes there are specifics amongst that, but that is my loose blueprint.

What's your recipe for AWESOME: Eat right, sleep right, train right, don’t take on too much that you feel overwhelmed or stressed, push yourself to be better, enjoy life, embrace life’s opportunities, don’t be scared to take risks, enjoy a beer, seek life’s adventures, and see every obstacle in life as a challenge to embrace.

Naomi Buglass

Naomi Buglass Fitness Competitor

Naomi Buglass

Name: Naomi Buglass

What you do in the fitness industry: I am a personal trainer in a gym in my home town in Cumbria. I competed in my first bikini fitness show in 2013 where I came 1st place.

My aim is to inspire females to work towards their goals/dreams, to take care of themselves and to be real. There is too much fake-ness in the world of fitness, and I want to inspire women with their goals, but also to be healthy and life life to the full.

How do you train and why: I train for me. I weight train because I love feeling strong, I enjoy shocking others that a girl my size actually has strength behind her.

I don't only weight train, I also love fell walking, I'm very fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country and have the Lake District on my door step, so making the most of the hills and the waters is a must. I also like to run, mainly long distances in the country side or along the lakes.

Personal motto if you have one: I have a couple…

Live life to the fullest.
Don't aim to please or impress others just be yourself.
Be true to yourself.

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Be yourself, work towards your own goals and don't focus on someone else's. Do that alongside eating whole foods and work on a good balance between training, diet and life. Consistently good is better then being occasionally perfect.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I love food, my diet is mainly focused on whole real foods and what makes me feel good, but I like to have a flexible approach when it comes to my diet. I tend to work on the 80/20 rule, 80% good wholesome real foods, and the 20% anything I'd like. I'll eat between 4-5 meals a day, these are usually prepped in advanced so I have them on hand as work is busy, I will sometimes free style and fit what I am eating into my daily calorie need, but not often as I'm a creature of habit and like structure in my diet.

Naomi Buglass bikini on stage

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: My goals are to feel great in my body and to be healthy. To have a good balance between training, diet and quality time with loved ones.

I've always had the desire to travel the world and slowly but surely I am ticking off different countries as the years go by with the help of my partner as he too has a passion for exploring the world.

Whats your recipe for AWESOME:

To be true to myself. To do things for myself and not because I feel I should or that it is expected of me. To have a good balance in my life and to generally be happy day in and day out. To be able to look back on my life and say yes I did that and yes I am proud.

Ben Mudge

Ben Mudge PT & Coach

Ben Mudge

Name: Ben Mudge

Age: 28

What you do in the fitness industry: I am an online coach, personal trainer and educator

How do you train and why: I train in various different ways! I will adapt my training to whatever event I have coming up, whether that be American football, an obstacle course, or paddle boarding 80 miles across shark infested waters.

Personal motto if you have one: Whatever problems you have give them the time they require and NOTHING more!

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Stop caring what everyone else 'thinks'! We only get one go at this life, regret is a bitter taste!

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: My diet is fairly varied, I mainly focus on ensuring that each meal has some form of protein and the right amount and then some from of fibre. I love food so I am not a chicken broccoli and rice kinda guy.

Ben Mudge personal trainer

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: I want to help as many people as I can to understand the body and how it works. I want to teach people the fundamentals behind fitness and nutrition and empower them with the knowledge to achieve their goals.

What's your recipe for AWESOME: Live your life! Don't take the simple things for granted. Don't be afraid to be yourself

Juggy Sidhu

Juggy Sidhu PT & Online Coach

Juggy Sidhu

Name: Juggy Sidhu

Age: 30

What you do in the fitness industry: I am an online coach, the founder of the Lean Indian Academy and an educator.

Juggy talking with client

How do you train and why: From competitive bodybuilding and winning physique shows across the UK, I have never lost the love of bodybuilding. However, now I follow a more holistic approach to my health, incorporating more yoga, pilates and aerobic training into my routine.

Personal motto if you have one: IMotivation is fleeting, but mastering discipline is the foundation to true progression.

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: our journey is unique, it is bespoke to you and the constant comparison of yourself to the showreels of others success has no place in a truly happy and fulfilled life. Spend as much time in self awareness as possible, find clarity on your personal values, who you are, what you want to do and live your own life according to those values.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I eat such a varied diet it would be difficult to pin down what my diet looks like! From Indian foods usually through the weekend, with mexican and italian dishes through the week! In all honesty, I used to be the hardcore bodybuilding 6 meals a day kind of guy, as a father of 2 with 2 growing businesses within the health and fitness industry, that really doesn't work for me anymore. I eat around 4 meals a day, not too many snacks and base my diet on an understanding of calories and regular protein consumption.

Juggy photo

Sophie Grace Holmes

Sophie Grace Holmes PT & Athlete

Sophie Grace Holmes

Name: Sophie Grace Holmes

Age: 28

What you do in the fitness industry:I am a personal trainer and an ultra endurance athlete/adventurer. I complete 2-3 challenges per year ranging from ultra running and bike events and mountain climbs and this year an ultra paddle board race. I am currently preparing for Ironman.

How do you train and why: my training varies dependant upon which event I have coming up but my typical week would be 3 strength and conditioning sessions, 2 swim, 2 runs, 2 bike varying the intensity and lengths and a boxing session to keep my mind and body sharp and focused. So I spend a fair few hours training but aim for 1 day off complete rest, 1 active recovery day.

Sophie Grace-Holmes

I train because I am passionate about keeping myself as fit and well as possible while defying the odds and achieving huge feats living with a life threatening disease, Cystic Fibrosis. I believe its fitness that keeps me so well and alive .I hope by sharing all i do I can help others who face adversity.

Personal motto if you have one: You live everyday, you only die once, start acting like it and have the courage to chase your own adventure in life and live it on your own terms without fear, excuses or regret.

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: surround yourself those who support you - your circle should want to see you win, if they don’t clap at your success, get a new circle. Set goals so big that they scare the hell out of you, ones you cannot achieve yet and nurture your body - exercise regularly and eat nutrient dense foods- the better you feel mentally and physically the better your life will be - do whats hard and life will be easy.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: Having CF brings in a new challenge because I have pancreatic insufficiency which basically means I have to take enzymes to digest food especially proteins and fats. With this I have to eat over 3000Kcals a day and more on training days. I eat highly nutritious foods having 3 bigger meals a day with protein carbs and fats and 3 smaller meals in between to ensure my health and training is supported. I tend to try have as little sugar as possible because this creates an inflammatory response in my lungs and digestive system but I do love a bit of dark chocolate, especially at the end of the day.


Breakfast is usually protein porridge or pancakes with nuts, berries and cinnamon alongside a black coffee

Lunch and dinner include any protein from salmon, white fish, chicken, or turkey, with an array of green vegetables with either sweet potato, rice or cous cous.

Snacks can be anything from greek yoghurt with berries and granola, protein bars, rice cakes/apple/banana and nut butter, nuts and eggs, smoked salmon with avocado and greens/tomatoes.

I drink 2-3 litres of water a day and will always have a protein shake after training.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: I am always striving to see what I am personally capable of so consistently pushing boundaries mentally and physically via extreme endurance especially living with Cystic Fibrosis. My motivation comes from being told my entire life I can’t do things because of my health so by doing what only 5% of the world would attempt for me its to show you can be limitless, and your potential to achieve lies in the power of how much you want it and how much you can train your mind to overcome even the biggest obstacles. Mental toughness is key for me.

My goals change often but I am always trying to see what I am truly capable of due to the variety of challenges i do but for me its to find a challenge I cannot do yet and then show what can be done when you don’t give up but I would love to have a world record.

What's your recipe for AWESOME: For me, being awesome is being yourself, having the courage to follow your passions, inspire others to live fully as that’s the most fulfilling act you can do. Its key to have consistency - training 4-5 days a week, eating healthy, rest, but also having fun. But, If you have the courage to chase adventurous goals, it will improve very single area of your life. You will become self aware, understand what you want out of life and who you are and most importunely what you are capable of.

Sophie Grace Holmes

Awesome Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are people that love AWESOME Supplements and support what we do. They are coaches, gym owners, fitness geeks and generally AWESOME people who all help to educate the world on health, nutrition, performance, recovery and supplementation. They use their unique talents, skills and influence to spread the word and we are proud to say that this group of people are happy to recommend AWESOME supplements. Thank you ambassadors - your help and support is appreciated so here is a high 5.

Cassia Williams

Cassia Williams PT & Model

Cassia Williams

Name: Cassia Williams

What you do in the fitness industry: I'm a coach in Mid Wales. Primarily working with women, some of whom are athletes. I have an online coaching business too, called the Fit Body Project. I competed in the International Fitness Championships and came 3rd in 2014. This May I hope to compete in my first Power Lifting competition in May.

How do you train and why: I train now for strength. Aesthetics are less important to me now, although I do like to stay relatively lean all year round. I'm active, I love walking, mountain and road biking.

Personal motto if you have one: Know Your Worth - Regardless of opinion, acceptance, approval. Respect yourself enough to act with your own best interests at heart. Which, to me means eating well, being healthy and being true to yourself.

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Know Your Worth. When you truly know your worth, you see your potential and you don't have self limiting beliefs

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: Currently I'm tracking my calories and Macros through flexible dieting. Having 2400 per day 35% Protein, 35% Carbohydrate, 30% Fat. Feeling really good on that, staying quite lean and feeling strong. I don't track all year round, I have tracked for long enough and have a very decent knowledge of how my body responds to food to know how much of what I need and when I need it. I am able to be quite flexible with my diet. So if I'm not preparing for a specific goal I mindfully eat and mix my training up too, with the focus on fuelling performance and aiding recovery.

Cassia Williams

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: To give myself the personal recognition that I deserve. To be true to my morals and values. To help others realise their physical and mental potential. I want to continue training for strength and power for the next 4 months. After my next competition I will reassess where I was to take my training next, maybe a triathlon. I like the thought of being able to train my body in various ways. I will always be an athlete in some capacity. It's just who I am.

What's your recipe for AWESOME:

  • I follow my heart and I don't wait for recognition or approval. I train how I want and look how I want.
  • Every day I ask myself "What am I doing and what do I want" keeping focussed on where I'm going in every aspect of me keeps the fire alive in my belly.
  • I have gratitude for the amazing life I have had so far and the amount of support I have around me.
  • My practical recipe for AWESOME is follow your dream, whatever it is and allow nobody to tell you that you can't.

Kevin Foster-Wiltshire

Kevin Foster-Wiltshire Personal Trainer

Kevin Foster-Wiltshire

Name: Kevin Foster-Wiltshire

What you do in the fitness industry: On a day-to-day basis I run, which I founded in 2012 and developed as an online fitness and nutrition platform. I'm also a fitness presenter and master trainer for Reebok. And although my time is much more limited than it used to be, I still personal train some select clients (because I love it!).

How do you train and why: I constantly change the way I train as I am not fixed with a focus on a singular competitive sport or goal. I tend to challenge myself with a main overall goal each year, but whatever my goal I always train using periodised programming. If I am in a period of training purely because I enjoy training rather than a specific goal, I will tend to train for aesthetics and work through phases of endurance, then hypertrophy, then strength, then power, adapting variables such as tempo, rest period, reps, sets etc. in order to progress when I come back round to start again. I tend to train predominantly with free weights (spending more time on compound moves than isolation) and lean more towards high intensity intervals for cardio when I have the choice, as fat just seems to melt off me this way (I love sprinting up steps and I love smashing the hell out of a boxing bag).

Personal motto if you have one: Work Hard, Play Hard. 

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Don't wait for what you want, if you truly want it, make it happen.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: For the last few years I have lived by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat a diet close to what most people will recognise as a 'paleo diet', I eat protein with every meal (I include 'exotic' meats like Ostrich), I eat lots of vegetables and fruit, I'm not scared of fat, but I minimise simple sugar carbs and I keep starchy and/or grainy carbs low, avoiding white and processed food altogether. I anticipate 20% of my week will feature some 'bad', so I try hard with the above 80% of the time. This does not mean I take advantage of the 20%, I may 'be good' for 100% of a week, but if I want to 'be bad', there is no guilt as I have factored it in. I'm not tee-total and sometimes I go for a meal and eat a dessert (Shock!). The key thing is that I have found this works for me and my body through discovery, trial and error. I seem to respond well to this way of eating (higher protein/fat and lower carb split), it suits my lifestyle, it keeps me relatively lean all year round and provides me with good energy levels for training.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: My personal fitness goals are to maintain my health and fitness throughout my life, being ready and able to take on new challenges with every year that passes. My children motivate me. When I want to quit, I think of them, think of doing it for them, and it makes me go the extra mile.

 Kevin Foster-Wiltshire

What’s your recipe for AWESOME: Accept that there will be bumps in the road and times when you come off the road altogether, and be prepared knowing that the second the reason you came off the road is over (a bad weekend for example), you can get back on the road and continue. This will keep you continuously AWESOME.

Fabian Spiess

Fabian Spiess Footballer

Fabian Spiess

I am a footballer who has played previously for Notts County, Bristol Rovers, Torquay United and Boston United. I am currently signed to Alfreton Town.

How do you train and why: I typically train 5 times per week, with games normally being Saturday. I train at Alfreton twice, these sessions are focused around power, speed and agility to maximise our on pitch performance. I do my own supporting work in the gym Monday-Friday, which normally consists of daily mobility work, two total body strength sessions, 1-2 plyometric based workouts, one pilates class and a post match LSD workout.

Personal motto if you have one: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Find what it is you love doing and never lose sight of your goals - you will get there! If you fail once, go again, if you fail twice, go again. ‘It is hard to beat someone who never gives up".

Fabian Spiess Goal Saving

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I don't follow any particular ‘diet’. I eat single ingredient foods wherever possible. I have learnt to listen to what my body needs and when it wants it. I eat 4-5 times per day, three meals and one, maybe two snacks depending on my training volume. Every time I eat I am conscious that I consume a good source of protein. I time my carbohydrates around my workout windows and always place a source I’m going to enjoy in my last meal of the day, my sleep tends to be better this way. I find if I consume around 25% of my total caloric intake from fat each day I feel pretty good most days. After gym sessions I will always have a whey protein shake and I like to fuel the workout with caffeine.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: I believe you get out what you put in. Whilst I keep working hard I believe the rewards will come and therefore I believe the Premier League is always achievable. I’m still very young for my position and the best will come with gaining more experience. My motivations are enjoying playing the game I love the most and performing in front of big crowds. I thrive off the pressure that comes with it and it drives me further. Being financially free to travel the world and building a life that I can one day look back on and be proud of are another two.

What’s your recipe for AWESOME: There are always up's and down's along your journey, especially as a sports person. The key is enjoy what you do and when the hard times don't say “Why me, say try me!” Keep working hard and the rewards come to those why go out and get them.

Hannah Newman

Hannah Newman Strongwoman

Hannah Newman

Hannah Newman – Sport Psychology Specialist & Strongwoman

What do you do in the fitness industry: I completed my MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology last year and am currently undertaking a PhD in Sport Psychology/Sociology at Loughborough University exploring female strength sport participation. I am also working towards professional accreditation as a fully qualified Sport and Exercise Psychologist. I compete in regional Strongwoman events, and am aiming to compete in the England’s Strongest Woman qualifiers in 2017.

How do you train and why: I train to get strong and I train for competition, but ultimately, I train because I enjoy it. I currently do 3-4 heavy lifting sessions during the week and then head to a strong(wo)man specific gym at the weekends to get some event practice in and play with all the funky equipment! I also do one strongman-based intense conditioning session per week. After years of dragging myself to the gym because I thought it was something I ‘should’ do, I discovered lifting and strongwoman, absolutely loved it, and never looked back!

Personal motto: Be true to yourself – Be YOU.

What tip would you give to someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Break free from being ruled by what you think you ‘should’ do or what other people think you should do. Discover YOUR passion, discover what YOU enjoy, discover what YOU love, discover what works for YOU… and go do it! Be YOU, in everything that you do.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I’ve been in the process of dropping a weight category from open weight to U82kg’s for my upcoming strongwoman competitions, so I’ve been on a high protein, relatively low carb and fat (but not too low) plan. Approaching competition my carb and overall calorie intake will increase and I’ll be focusing on fuelling my body for strength and performance. I track my calorie and macro intake as I personally find it useful for regulating my diet, particularly during the build up to competition, but not to the point of obsession. Balance is important.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: My current strength and fitness aim is to compete in the England’s Strongest Woman qualifiers in April 2017, in the U82kg category. I went to watch the 2016 qualifiers this year (weighing 89kg at the time) and decided that in a year’s time, I’d be ready. Three months in and I’ve hit the 82kg mark… 9 months to go! After the year is up, and the qualifiers are complete, I’ll reassess my goals and plans.

What’s your recipe for AWESOME:

Love yourself
Be kind to yourself – Perfection is not realistic
Do what you love
Find a balance that works for you

Hannah Newman strongwoman

Jess Wreford

Jess Wreford Fitness instructor

Jess Wreford

Jess Wreford – Fitness instructor, studying BSc in Nutrition

What you do in the fitness industry: I am about to enter my final year of Nutrition BSc at University of Surrey. I am a qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and hope to be in the fitness & nutrition industry when I graduate. I am a lover of running, swimming, the gym and creating delicious & nutritious food to eat and share with Instagram.

How do you train and why: In 2014, the answer would have been aesthetics. However, this was detrimental to my mindset and diet and formed an obsession with my body image, and so now I train to compete and to challenge myself. I have just started training for a half marathon on 25th September 2016 so this will be taking up most of my time. I will be doing 2-3 runs a week with 2-3 strength sessions.

Personal motto if you have one: When something goes wrong in your life just yell “PLOT TWIST!” and move on. 

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: Love yourself first, before anything else. We get caught up in the idea of looking good and the idea that we will be fully happy once we have a certain something. Say once we have lost a certain amount of weight, or once we have a found a partner or have got our dream job. But what happens when you reach these goals? There will be something else in your life making you unhappy. The truth is, you will never be truly happy until you love yourself first.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: I aim for 80:20, though it can sometimes turn into 70:30 but I don’t like to stress over it. I like to have the majority of my diet wholesome nutritious food with less processed food but I cannot lie that I am a 21 year old student who drinks alcohol and has an insane sweet tooth. As aforementioned, I went through a very restrictive phase in my diet during 2014. From this, I picked up an awful binge eating habit and consequently gained a lot of weight. I am still trying to beat this habit and am aiming for a slow, gradual and balanced weight loss aided by exercise.

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: One of my main and most important goals for my health and wellbeing is to beat my binge eating habit which I am so confident I can achieve. In November 2015 I came 2nd for Open Women at the British Modern Biathlon Championships and I hope to return this year to better my times. In March 2015 I did my first half marathon and I want to get a better time in my next one in September. As well as this, ideally I will lose a little bit of weight in these coming months to get back to healthy as I am currently carrying a bit more fat than I desire.

What's your recipe for AWESOME:

Love yourself, every day.
Smiles are contagious so smile as much as you can.
Set yourself your own specific goals.
Do not compare yourself to others.
There is more to life than what you look like and how much you weigh.
True happiness is found within.

Social media links:

Snapchat: nutrifitjess

Brendan Blood

Brendan Blood Professional coach & PT

Brendan Blood

Name: Brendan Blood

What you do in the fitness industry: I am an Advanced Level 3 PT Instructor and Tutor in Sport with a diploma in Sports Psychology and Performance Nutrition. I have over 20 years experience in training all ages and abilities from primary school to elite professional athletes.

Over 20 years experience in football from junior to elite level culminating in working alongside England S&C coach at Blackburn Rovers designating individual sessions to bring players back to peak fitness.

I was part of S&C team at Blackpool FC as well as overseeing all pre and post match nutrition to ensure players were able to perform to their maximum potential.

I have over 20 years gym experience from commercial to functional strength facilities leading to a tutoring role for elite performance individuals looking to further their career after Rugby League in the fitness industry. Qualified over 15 professional players from various Super League clubs.

I opened my own BB Fitness Elite sessions in 2011 focusing on women of all ages, ability to help them achieve their fitness and health goals.

Brendon Blood Boxing

I have trained over 750 women in that time. Every session is outdoor throughout the whole year, whatever the weather and makes me extremely proud to see how far these women have come in terms of strength, fitness and health but most importantly their confidence and self esteem.

My vast experience in the fitness industry has led me to work at Blackpool FC and Blackburn Rovers FC, St.Helens Rugby League and Olympic GB Swimmers and Athletes.

I specialise in outdoor training sessions, bodyweight workouts and metabolic conditioning.

The Flair Bears

The Flair Bears Charity Rugby Team

The Flair Bears

Name: Flair Bears

Who are you and who are the Flair Bears?

I am Danger Bear and I started The Flair Bears after surviving brain tumour surgery and was determined to play rugby again with friends with flair. We are a rugby 7s and beach rugby 5s team. We live life to the full by playing the sport we love, having fun and dancing. Alongside this we raise funds and awareness for a brain tumour charity called brainstrust.

How does the team train together, why do you adopt this type of training?

Up until this year we have not had much team training. This year starting on the 1st May we will be hosting weekly rugby 7s and beach rugby 5s training in London for men & women rugby players as we embark on our biggest season ever, introducing an elite men's team and a women's team. We are aware that rugby players train all through the season (September to May) so we want to make sure we are doing something different and innovative with our training to keep the players excited to learn and engaged in the sport. There will be a mixture of rugby training games, sprints and circuits but there will be a huge emphasis on fun, teamwork and flair skills. The goal is to keep players thinking and laughing.

What’s your team motto?

Not just a rugby team, it's a way of life. Flair in Attack || Bears in Defence

What tip would you give to someone that could make them more awesome-er if they implemented straight away?

You will only ever have two choices; love or fear. Choose love, and don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart. Get out, do what you love and dance!

What diet principles are instilled in the team?

Please don't drink too much.

What are the Flair Bears goals and what motivates you to achieve them?

Our aim on the pitch or sand is to become EBRA (European Beach Rugby Association) Series Champions in the next 2 or 3 years. Off the pitch our aim is to become one of the most recognisable rugby lifestyle brands in the UK. The whole ethos and motivation behind what we do is to inspire and encourage brain tumour survivors to get back into sport.

What’s your recipe for AWESOME?

2 scoops of passion and desire, 1 scoop of focus, 1/2 a scoop of silliness (it's not important what you look like when you're doing something as long as you're doing something)... and dance whilst you shake it!

The Flair Bears rugby team

Mike Ward

Mike Ward Professional coach & PT

Mike Ward

Name: Mike Ward

What you do in the fitness industry: I run a private Personal Training Studio in Cheshire, I’m and Online Coach for Life Changing Fitness and also a Tutor for Fit UK Training and Education Provider.

How do you train and why: Currently I am focusing on Olympic Lifting. I prefer to set myself goals and work towards them. As I retired from playing Rugby League last year I needed something new to focus on. I’ve always admired the technicality of Olympic lifts and now aim to compete in 2017.

Personal motto if you have one: Don’t wish for it… Work for it!

What tip would you give someone that would make them awesome-er if they implemented it straight away: See my Motto! Take it on board… and have fun.

What does your diet look like and what principals do you follow: Having tracked my macros (macronutrients) for a good while I know how my body works and reacts. Pretty much an 80/20 diet, so yes I will have a couple of treats throughout the week (and maybe a beer or two). When I am tracking ill have High Carb on Training days and adjust my Carbs lower and fats higher on rest days… like we have rest days phah ;) As I tell all my clients, enjoy your food, just enhance your nutritional knowledge to do so./p>

What are your personal goals and what motivates you to achieve them: My personal goals are to inspire all my friends and clients. Continue to build my studio into a place of learning and training for everyone to come, achieve their goals and be happy. Seeing my clients and family healthy and happy motivates me to keep working hard and be productive every day.

What’s your recipe for AWESOME: Work for what makes YOU happy. Achieve your goals and treat others as you wish to be treated yourself. We all have a different path to follow.

Mike Ward personal trainer