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When we launched our new product Awesome Chocolate Powder we were surprised, what by you ask?

The level of appreciation for what we were doing, for being different. We’ll be honest, we didn’t really know how it would be received, and whether people would ‘get it’. It’s a very different product. Sure, its super simple, we love simple, but no other company has done this before and sometimes that can be an AWESOME thing, and sometimes there is a reason no one’s done it before.

Luckily no one’s done it before as too many supplement companies focus on posh post workout blends that cost the earth, not us.

But in the mist of all the positive comments on social media and buzz around what we had done, there were a lot of questions as to what this product actually was, in terms of, when and how would you take it.

So, we wanted to give even more clarity as to why and how you would use this product.

What this product does not do is replace these 2 things:

  1. A whey protein shake
  2. A real food meal

Now it CAN replace those two things, but only if you want it too. Here at Awesome Supplements real food comes first, always. So if you traditionally eat a whole food meal 30-60 minutes after you’ve been to the gym or exercised, then keep doing that, this product wont and shouldn’t replace tucking into a good meal if you usually do this.

This product would then only replace a whey protein shake if you wanted it too. If you wanted to take carbohydrates on board after a workout, thus adding Awesome Chocolate Powder to milk would be a solid combination of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals, added leucine and chocolatey goodness. If you simply want protein and that’s it post training, and wish to take on board your carbs later, then do that, have a whey protein shake post workout and eat later.

What this product was originally designed for was to replace the expensive post workout drinks that so many companies advertise, which are essentially whey protein and sugar, sometimes with some other added ingredients like creatine, magnesium, HMB etc.

For us, why use a whey and sugar shake when you can get closer to nature and use milk, but adding a simple product that boosts the leucine content (which is where milk alone falls short unless you are drinking a large volume of it) and that adds chocolate flavour? And save money, quite often a lot of money (when you add up what you would spend over the course of a month on an expensive post workout blend or weight gainer shake).

So, it got us thinking, how can we help you guys out as much as possible?

By explaining all the ways in which you could use this product, so that you know, and can assess if it’s something you want in your supplement arsenal. After all we’ve all got plenty of supplements that might not be used daily, but 1-3x a week, and that’s cool, what’s a £12 investment to have the option and flexibility that this product brings?

Ben Coomber with Awesome Supplements Chocolate Powder

Without further postulation, here are all the ways you could use Awesome Chocolate Powder:

1. Post workout

If you are not going to eat for a while and are wanting a drink that contains protein, carbs and fats.

2. Pre-workout

You might not have eaten for a while and want to fuel training, milk would be an awesome pre-workout drink, again for its combination of protein, carbs and fats (Side note: consuming fats around a workout isn’t bad or an issue, it slows down digestion a bit, but not that much in liquid form, especially when drinking milk, not enough for you to notice a big difference).

In fact I use this product more currently pre-workout than I do post workout, largely because my training sessions are quite long and I find it ensures I have a lot of available energy for my training alongside taking caffeine and having Performance Blend in my daily regime. Most of the time I then eat whole food soon after training as I train late in the afternoon or evening and then often have my last meal of the day. Come rugby season, I think I will end up using this even more due to the sheer calorie demand my body has.

3. As a liquid based snack

Milk is great for this and nutritious, but as an active person you might want a higher leucine content, thus Chocolate Powder could help to make it a more complete (anabolic/positive muscle protein synthesis) snack.

4. Faster recovery from training

You might be training twice per day and need quick recovery, in this instance liquid nutrition post training to recover quickly before your next bought of training would be key, and this product would again be highly beneficial.

5. Between multiple sessions

You are at a tournament or training multiple times per day. While you are competing or training you would want to consume electrolytes and carbs to keep on top of performance, but milk with Awesome Chocolate Powder after games would be a great way to recover quickly before the next game. For example, I often compete in 7s rugby tournaments where you play 5-7 games a day, in this instance this product would be perfect for optimising recovery on such a gruelling training day.

we like clarity so people know if it’s right for them or not

6. You are vegan or vegetarian

Want to boost the leucine content of your diet? You could add this to a daily free or vegan milk (Awesome Chocolate powder is dairy free). While this won’t give you the same nutritional profile as milk, it will give you good hit of leucine in a nice drink, which many vegans and vegetarians can often struggle to get when highly active and looking to maintain good body composition, or improve it. The leucine content of our meals and overall diet is key in optimal recovery and body composition.

7. Easy additional calories

You are trying to consume a lot of calories in your diet, or you struggle to get a lot of calories on board, milk with Awesome Chocolate Powder added would be awesome as you’ll easily put away those extra calories (especially if you choose whole milk), and get the added benefit of the leucine and the chocolate goodness. We would also 100% recommend this over a weight gainer shake, whole milk + Awesome Chocolate Power, BOOM.

8. Shake variety

It could also be a cheap way to change your whey protein flavour. You might have this kicking around at home and add it to your banana or strawberry or vanilla whey protein to mix up the flavours. We’ve done it with both banana and vanilla so far and it made a REALLY nice whey shake with the two flavours. Again, it’s just nice having options with your diet and supplements, and this is a nice side benefit to have, after all everyone likes flexibility and variety in their diet.


Could be used tp pimp an evening hot chocolate with some added benefits, well one benefit, the leucine. After all Awesome Chocolate Powder is just cocoa, leucine, flavouring, a touch of salt and sweetener, that’s it, so it’s nearly like hot chocolate powder.

We hope that clarifies how and why you might choose to use Awesome Chocolate Powder. Like every supplement, it has its application. We don’t like anyone to be unsure how or why to use a supplement, so if anyone is ever confused, or doesn’t get why you might take something, or how, just ask and we will help. That’s exactly why we had to write this blog, there were a few confused people, and we don’t like that, we like clarity so people know if it’s right for them or not.

Found a use for Awesome Chocolate Powder we haven’t mentioned? Let us know and we’ll add it to the blog and feature you.


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