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I’ve always been a fan of routine, with my nutrition and intakes, my sleep, my training schedule, my visits to mums house and so my supplements naturally follow suit 🙏🏼

A Daily Look

  1. 12 Daily Dose (6 in AM 6 in PM)
  2. 1 serving Electrolytes+ Carbs intra-training (there’s new flavours I haven’t tried yet)
  3. 1 Protein Shake - I have the Vegan Protein as I’m dairy free (sensitive little snowflake) and I like the salted caramel the most!

The only time this changes is in the lead up to a comp. I’ll often add in Performance Blend for a few weeks more so for the creatine aspect just in an attempt to maximise the potential effects and gains of training in that time and I’ll continue to take that during comp to in the AM of Event day.

I take a hyper dose of Elect+Carbs throughout events days along side +4L of H2O, in an attempt to hydrate and fuel me without feeling overly full from large meals.

I never really take Pre-Workout, but I have it with me in case I hit that wall early and then have to drag my ass through something horrendous 😂 which, in this game of Crossfit is actually more regular than I realise!!

Shelli Mccoy crossfit training on gymnast rings

I often am asked “why Awesome Supplements?”

It’s a good question, I have been approached by 4 or 5 other well known companies, but to be honest I always felt it wasn’t my best interests at the core of their “support” for me ... it was a business transaction and I was an “influencer” in the sports world. That’s not for me.

I’m really not here for a hard sale, neither is my face or abs or clean + jerk or whatever it is that brought them to my door...

From day 1 (when I was average at best) Ben Coomber (owner and founder, alongside his brother Jack) met me, asked me what my goals were and literally said “I want to help you”... ever since anything I am given is to support my journey as an athlete , increase my ability to recover , to grow, to develop and to push me forwards as I attempt my success. They never ask me to post, if I do it’s because I actually mean what I’m saying, it’s all factual research driven information given, transparency is key for them and that builds trust...

it’s all factual research driven information given, transparency is key for them and that builds trust...

The reason I am with and will continue to be with Awesome Supplements is TRUST.

I trust that they have given me only what I need 💥

I trust that they have my interests as an athlete at heart 💥

I trust that they will always be there 💥

We really only get one opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in our goals, before adulting is priority and I need to buy houses and stuff, I want to know I've done it right, I don’t train as hard as I do to take dud supps because some other athlete pretends they are MINT for money....supplementation really matters, quality matters and for me Awesome Supplements will always be my first choice.

So next time I’m asked why ?! ....

The clues in the name 😉

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