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A message from our founder, Ben Coomber


By Awesome Supplements, Read time: 1 minute

Since 2021 we’ve been planting trees in 7 different countries around the world every time you buy a product. Why? To offset our carbon impact of shipping products all over the world and to do our bit to fight the ever-present impact of climate change.

Here’s a snapshot of the impact we’ve had, to date, of which we’re immensely proud of:

(If you’ve not read our full 2023 sustainability report, you can do so HERE). 

Changes are coming

Going forward, we’ve decided to stop planting trees for every product you buy. The main reason for doing this is simple. 2022 was a challenging time for us and we want to change the ‘good thing’ we do for the world.

We love our planet and we’ve loved our tree planting initiative; however, we want to focus our energy and a % of our revenue on something else.We can’t quite tell you what this ‘something else’ is. We’re still shaping it alongside some other brand-wide changes we’re making for later this year / 2024. What we can say is… exciting things are coming, but it’s going to take a little more time, and to help facilitate this we need to remove any challenges as a business we have to allow our bigger vision to take shape.

Exciting new launches

We appreciate we haven’t given you enough insight into what's next after this for Awesome Supplements, but here’s some things that we can share with you:

This week we launched our long and overdue ‘Ambassador’ program. This will allow you to refer people to Awesome Supplements and get benefits back – a long overdue thank you for all the love and support we get.

Later this year we’ll also have a new product drop that, again, has been LONG awaited. 

Have your say

To help us continue to shape this we will very soon be rolling out our bi-annual survey to get your opinion on what's happening, how we can be better, and your input on what we are shaping. The more people that fill this in, the more insight we can get to shape what's to come, and that would mean the world to us, to help us serve YOU better.

We’ve been delayed on a lot of stuff this 2023, but everyone has eaten their protein rich breakfast this week and we’re on it, all we ask is that you trust the process because we promise, what’s coming will be AWESOME.

Thanks for your continued support, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us.



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