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“WHAT, 12 capsules a day, WTF, why?”

This is the reaction we often get when someone talks to us about our #1 selling product Awesome Daily Dose.

And it's 100% a legit question, why an earth would you have to take 12 capsules? 

​​​​​​​And this is where we need to outline some context. 

See, before you had even heard that Awesome Daily Dose existed, you likely took fish oil capsules, a vitamin D supplement, maybe some ZMA, and a multi, that's 4 products.  

​​​​​​​Now you likely took 1-2 capsules of fish oil (maybe more), 1-2 ZMA capsules, one multi-vitamin capsule, and your vitamin D table, so that’s 4-6 capsules, daily. 

So before you knew about Awesome Daily Dose you were already taking a fair few capsules, but mentally you accepted that as it's 4 separate products, in your mind it just makes sense. 

But now it's one product people, and rightly so, think why can't I just take one capsule, surely it's all in one capsule right?  

​​​​​​​Unfortunately, it's impossible to get all those raw ingredients into one or two capsules, just simply not possible. Otherwise we would do it, we'd love to be able to take one SUPER AWESOME capsule that covers everything per day, but it's just not do-able. 

​​​​​​​Now here's the other side of the coin, what I outlined above isn't optimal, 1-2 capsules of fish oil, for example, might give you 0.4-0.8g of fish oil, BUT, the researched effective dose is 2-3g, so really you should be taking way more than 1-2 capsules daily, instead you should be taking 4-6 capsules (depending on the strength of your fish oil omega 3 supplement of course), to get 2-3 active grams of fish oil (knowing the active amount per is key, as many capsules say they are 1g per capsule, but are actually not, always check the back of the label). 

Add those 4-6 capsules of fish oil / omega 3 to 2 capsules of ZMA (zinc and magnesium), one vitamin D capsule and a multi and you are nearly at 12 capsules already. 

THAT is why we recommend our optimal dose for Awesome Daily Dose is 12 capsules, simply because all of the ingredients that are in it are in there at the researched level dose, 2g of fish oil, 2500iu of vitamin D, a broad 100% RDA or above multi, zinc at 10mg, and 300mg of highly bioavailable magnesium (the highest quality money can buy). 

That is why Awesome Daily Dose is a MAD 12 capsules a day recommended serving. But that also doesn't mean you HAVE to take 12 capsules a day, it just means that is the optimal dose according to the current available research (of course your diet is going to cover some of this). 

​​​​​​​Could you take less and it still benefit you, 100%. For example, a female of small body weight, say 45-65kg might take 4-8 capsules a day on top of a healthy, broad, fresh diet.

Still of benefit, adding to the diet, just not quite as many capsules (we 100% get swallowing capsules for some is a pain and not always a comfortable process). 

Flip that on its head, if you're a 95kg highly active male, then you are 100% going to want the 12-capsule serving, simply to support optimal function and performance (especially due to all the nutrients role in supporting the immune system and recovery). So your personal context will always be key in the dosing too, just like it's personal how many calories you need per day. 

(If you are ever unsure whether you need a supplement, please check or track your micronutrient intake using an app like 'Cronometer' to get an understanding if you are indeed deficient in common nutrients. We dose Awesome Daily Dose at this level as the research shows people are commonly deficient in these essential nutrients, and they are needed for 'optimal' health and performance. This is why so many companies sell fish oils, vitamin D, ZMA etc.)  

​​​​​​​So with that in mind, you might follow these basic guidelines to get the dose right for your body weight: 

  • 45-65kg: 6 capsules daily
  • 65-85kg: 9 capsules daily
  • 85kg plus: 12 capsules daily 

110kg plus individuals might choose to have up to 16-20 daily capsules if their need is significantly higher due to body weight and activity demands. 

If you are highly active, you put your body under a lot of stress (which means you deplete a lot of valuable micronutrients more than a not so active person, just like your need for the macronutrients and overall calories increases), then 12 capsules might indeed be the standard dose for you. 

Hence so much of the Awesome Supplements brand is built around the needs of the active person to support their health, recovery and performance needs.  

I hope that cleans up some of the questions around Awesome Daily Dose, and if you ever have any questions for us, you know where we are.

We truly believe this is the most comprehensive all in one for optimal health and performance, saving people money, and time, in achieving optimal. 

Check out Awesome Daily Dose here: 

p.s. you might also ask why Awesome Daily Dose isn't cheaper than it is?

It's because we use patented fish oil powder that is highly protected from heat, light and oxygen damage (oxidised fish oil is NOT a good thing), highly bioavailable magnesium, and other nutrients in their maximum researched dose, no under dosing EVER happens here at Awesome Supplements.

So compare our brand and Awesome Daily dose to another leading competitor which offers a very high quality product, and you will see you actually make a significant saving for the dosing, and quality, when you order those 4 products compared to our one.  

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