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You may have seen on social media that I've been doing Veganuary, and the story was picked up by Sky TV as they looked for people doing Veganuary and wanted to know their experiences doing it.

Now throughout the process I've been documenting my journey on my YouTube channel, so if it's of interest jump on over for a look. I've filmed 6 vLogs so far and have 1-2 more to do, so stay tuned as I explore and conclude this topic even more.

Sky TV wanted to know how I had found the journey, what I had learnt, what I struggled with, what has been interesting, and whether I would stay vegan long term. Have a watch of the full Sky TV piece and let us know what you think (watch out for Awesome Supplements popping up). There are also others in the documentary and I think it's a solid thought provoking piece (keep an eye out on my YouTube channel and Ben Coomber Radio for more vegan commentary coming very soon).

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