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What makes it Awesome?

Support health, recovery and performance

Support health, recovery and performance

Advanced highly dosed multi-vitamin and fish oil

Advanced highly dosed multi-vitamin and fish oil

Contains research level doses

Contains research level doses

Product information

Did you know that most people don’t get enough omega 3 fats, vitamin D or magnesium from their diet? If you have a largely plant-based diet, calcium, iron and vitamin B12 can also be an issue. This is something we know from the research, and thus it could be very important that we supplement with these nutrients essential to optimal health and performance.

Knowing these facts many people buy all these supplements individually, vitamin D, ZMA, a multi-vitamin and an omega 3 supplement. Why not simplify this and combine just two with our Awesome Health Stack? A combination of our advanced multi-vitamin Awesome Daily Dose and Awesome Fish Oil, our high strength omega 3 supplement.

Whether you’re someone interested in looking after yourself, a keen gym goer, an athlete, trying to go plant-based, or anyone in between, our Awesome Health Stack has you covered because it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and compounds people need daily to be at peak health and performance at the optimal level of dosing according to the research (no half doses here at Awesome Supplements just to make a label claim, full research level dosing as standard).

We can imagine you’ve heard of the benefits of supplements such as omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and magnesium. The benefits of omega 3 are far reaching, and the amounts you’ll find in Awesome Fish Oil provide all the Omega 3 fatty acids you need to make sure you are at peak health, a massive 2.25g of active omega 3 (one reason our recommended serving size is larger than you would typically take). Awesome Fish Oil is from mercury free anchovies, is certified heavy metal free, is from clean sustainable fisheries, and has a massive 750mg of omega 3 per capsule.

As for vitamin D, it’s also a very common deficiency as we don’t get out in the sun that much, and some areas of the world don’t get much sun to even get out in, but again it's essential for health. So, we’ve included a serving of 2500iu of vitamin D alongside Vitamin K, which is needed for the optimal absorption and utilisation of vitamin D. Magnesium, another common deficiency which is essential in recovery and performance and plays a role in over 350 enzymatic processes in the body is also a focal point of Awesome Daily Dose, in a highly bioavailable form (not all forms of magnesium are created equal, some are better absorbed than others).

People that exercise a lot also need to be more concerned with their micronutrient intake, as those of us who train to be stronger, fitter, leaner and faster can often require more micronutrients than those who don’t. Please do check out our ingredients and nutritional info tab to see how much is in Awesome Daily Dose & Awesome Fish Oil, we think you’ll be impressed.

Nutrition information

Dairy free Dairy free

Gluten free Gluten free

Soy free Soy free

GMO free GMO free

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome Health Bundle'.

Daily Dose (6 capsule serving)Per serving% NRV
Vitamin A0.6mg75%
Vitamin B11.1mg100%
Vitamin B21.4mg100%
Vitamin B324mg150%
Pantothenic Acid100mg1666%
Vitamin B61.4mg100%
Vitamin B121mg500%
Vitamin B70.05mg100%
Folic Acid (folate)0.2mg100%
Vitamin C80mg100%
Vitamin D30.065mg1250%
Vitamin E100mg666%
Zinc Citrate15mg150%
Calcium Citrate400mg50%
Calcium Malate400mg50%
Magnesium Citrate375mg100%
Manganese Citrate2.5mg125%
Vitamin K10.5mg666%
Vitamin K20.5mg666%

Allergy advice: Produced in a factory that also handles gluten, egg, peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.


Pregnant women should be cautious when taking daily dose due to the vitamin A content. People on anti-coagulants need to be mindful of the vitamin K content and young children should be wary of the iron content. Please consult your doctor before you take this product if you are unsure.


Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Daily Dose (VEGAN) Ingredients

See nutritional information for micronutrients, HPMC (capsule shell), titanium dioxide (colourant), magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent), silicon dioxide (flow agent). 

Vitamin D3 – 0.065mg

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is essential in regulating our mood state, supporting our bones & immunity, and supports overall well-being. Most are deficient in Vit D. Read the research on Vitamin D at

Calcium – 800mg

Essential in the maintenance of healthy bones, heart tissue, nerves and muscles. An essential nutrient for all ages and activity levels. Read the research on Calcium at

Magnesium – 375mg

The 2nd most common deficiency. Highly effective as magnesium glycinate (other forms have poor absorption) in recovery, performance and overall health. Read the research on Magnesium at

Zinc – 15mg

Essential as an anti-oxidant, immune system regulator and regulates many enzymatic functions in the body. Supports optimal testosterone function. Read the research on Zinc at

Selenium – 0.055mg

A nutrient that can often be hard to obtain due to soil health of the food we grow. Plays a key role in fighting oxidants, an essential nutrient. Read the research on Selenium at

Vitamin E – 100mg

A potent anti-oxidant and booster to the immune system. Also supports the body in raising an antibody effect after vaccinations. Read the research on Vitamin E at

Vitamin C – 80mg

One of the most well known anti-oxidants, good at supporting the bodies immune system. Supplementing with vit C can half the chances of getting a cold. Read the research on Vitamin C at

B Vitamins – At RDA

Known to play a vital role in energy and cell metabolism, enzymatic activity, regulation of normal metabolic process’s and DNA. Read the research on B Vitamins at

Manganese – 2.5mg

Part of an anti-oxidant enzyme know as superoxide dismutase allowing detoxification processes to occur optimally. Essential in metabolism and development. Read the research on Manganese at

Vitamin A – 0.6mg

A grouping of nutritional compounds that maintain the immune system, support healthy vision, and are important for healthy growth and development. Read the research on Vitamin A at

Vitamin K1 & MK-7 – 0.5mg each

A vitamin or mineral produced from intestinal bacteria. It plays an essential role in bone health and regulates blood clotting. Important with Vitamin D supplementation. Read the research on Vitamin K at

Copper – 1mg

An essential mineral aiding in oxidative enzyme activity in the body. While a deficiency is rarely seen, we don’t take chances and have included this in Daily Dose. Read the research on Cooper at

Iron – 14mg

Essential in maintenance of our blood and the transportation of oxygen. Vegetarians, vegans, and athletes can often be deficient, and feel fatigued as a result. Read the research on Iron at

Awesome Fish Oil Ingredients

Per capsule: Fish capsule oil (from (gelatin, anchovies) glycerine, containing water). 500mg EPA and 250mg DHA per capsule.



Do I have to take all six?

As you can see from the nutritional information there is a lot in these capsules! There’s almost a gram of calcium alone, just under half a gram of magnesium, and so on. To make these into a stable powder they need to be bound to other things, for example calcium must be bound to a citrate or malate group. All of this takes up space in the capsules, and so in order to get the dose listed on the label a full dose is recommended (we only dose according to the research, something most companies do not, and this is many products in one). Taking less will still be beneficial, of course, but the full dose is what we suggest. This can be broken up in to 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening if you prefer.

Is this safe for me?

Please see the label for contraindications. We do not recommend this for use in pregnant women, children, or those using certain medications. Please discuss with your doctor if you are not sure, but outside of these groups there is no reason to assume issues would occur.

Do I have to take this with meals?

It is recommended you take these with a meal to help absorption.

Is it vegan friendly?

Yes it is, and coming soon is our vegan omega 3 supplement for the perfect vegan friendly health stack.


Do I have to take all three?

There is no specified Omega-3 intake recommended by the UK government, but the American Heart Association recommends a minimum of 1g per day. Taking two capsules would cover this, though the dosage in three capsules is more like the amount typically seen in research on health improvements. We recommend three as 2g+ seems to be more effective than 1-2g for improving blood markers. But if cost or capsule volume is an issue, taking one per day will still contribute towards better health.

Will this make my burps smell fishy?

The soft gel capsules we use, alongside purified water and non-oxidised fish oil should prevent fishy burps, although we do recommend you keep these in the fridge to minimise risk if this is a concern. Fishy burps are usually a result of poor quality fish oil that has been poorly processed or been exposed to sunlight or heat for too long.

Are they heavy metal free?

Heavy metals in fish oil become present due to the food chain. Algae contains metals and so when small fish eat them, they eat the metals too. As progressively larger fish eat the smaller fish in the food chain these metals build up until you have very large tuna with a very high heavy metal content. This oil is taken from anchovies, some of the smallest oily fish, and so the heavy metal content is extremely low and has been purified to the extent no heavy metals are traceable. You can rest assured Awesome Fish Oil is the highest quality possible that’s heavy metal free.

Do I have to take them with meals?

It is recommended you take these with a meal to help absorption.

Is this safe to take alongside medications?

We do not recommend you take this product alongside anticoagulants. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

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Awesome Health Bundle
Dairy free Gluten free Soy free GMO free

Dosed according to the research, get all you need from this Awesome duo

  • Support your health, recovery and performance
  • 9 caps per day total, one months supply

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