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Caffeine and Theanine tabs dosed at only 60mg, in a 1:1 ratio, so you can build your ideal dose for your training, size, time of day and tolerance level. Made from pure pharmaceutical grade ingredients, in an easy to swallow capsule.

Product information

Caffeine is the world’s most popular psychoactive drug and performance enhancer, and for good reason. You probably already take caffeine a lot in your daily routine, maybe when you wake up in the form of a coffee or a cup of tea, then mid-morning at work, maybe again after lunch, and then likely in some form before you work out or exercise. But is this too much?

While we are all for caffeine before a workout here at Awesome Supplements, in whatever form you enjoy it, we beg you consider your intake. For caffeine to truly be an effective ergogenic aid (performance enhancing) we need to have it in our diet as little as possible, otherwise we are not sensitive to it. For you to be truly sensitive to caffeine before the gym or sport, you need to minimise your intake. Whether you simply have a coffee before the gym, caffeine tabs, or something else containing caffeine, limit your intake and the effects will be much greater on your performance.

And, if you are consuming caffeine a lot, simply ask yourself why. Is it because you are too tired or can’t concentrate? Then better sleep and recovery should be your priority. Caffeine can’t make up for poor recovery, but in a state of good recovery, it can then catapult your performance.

Delving into caffeine as an ergogenic supplement some more, everyone has a different natural and acquired tolerance level to caffeine, and the amount suited to you may change day to day, and even from morning until the evening. You also don’t want caffeine to interfere with sleep if gym performance and body composition matter to you. One reason we don’t recommend high doses of caffeine late in the day, and a key reason we only put 60mg in each Awesome Caffeine Tab, is because this allows you to personalise your dose depending on your needs, your tolerance level, body weight, and the time of day.

If you’re a smaller individual training at night, try one tab for a little boost. Maybe you’re a bigger guy or training early in the morning? Awesome – just take more, maybe having 2-4 tabs. Awesome Caffeine Tabs is a product you can truly personalise to your needs and know exactly how much caffeine you are taking; can you say the same for the coffee you often have pre-workout?

Finally, caffeine can sometimes leave people feeling buzzed or jittery, so we added theanine to our tabs which makes the energy smoother, meaning you get all the benefits of caffeine but without the potential negative effects to your concentration. There’s a good amount of evidence highlighting Theanine’s complimentary effects on caffeine (see the below links) which leads us to proudly claim that our tabs just might trump your pre-workout coffee or energy drink, especially for the cost per serving.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have a coffee pre-workout, this is many peoples pre-workout ritual of choice, we get that. We are just saying there might be something better, more convenient (just pop the capsules, no waiting around or hunting for coffee, no washing up), that’s easier to personalise, and comes in at an average serving of just 14p (using 2 capsules as an average serving).

Perfect for any training discipline as caffeine is awesome, we just made it awesome-er.

Supplementation benefits

  • Micro dosed at 60mg to personalise your dose
  • With added theanine for maximum concentration
  • Made from pure pharmaceutical grade sources

Caffeine Tabs packaging

Easy to swallow capsules taken 15-30 minutes pre workout

  • 100 capsules (gelatin)
  • Take 1-3 tabs pre training

Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Caffeine - 60mg

The worlds most effective and popular ergogenic aid, research proven to increase performance, concentration, endurance, power and strength. Read the research on Caffeine at

Theanine - 60mg

Promotes relaxation without sedation, working in tandem with caffeine to improve concentration, attention and focus. The perfect partner to caffeine. Read the research on Theanine at