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Highly cost effective caffeine + theanine

Highly cost effective caffeine + theanine

Mixed with theanine for maximum effect

Mixed with theanine for maximum effect

Get the perfect pre-workout dose

Get the perfect pre-workout dose

Product information

Caffeine is the world’s most popular performance enhancing compound, and for good reason, it works. You probably already take caffeine a lot in your daily routine, maybe when you wake up as a coffee or cup of tea, then mid-morning at work, maybe again after lunch, and then likely in some form before you work out or exercise.

While we are all for caffeine before a workout here at Awesome Supplements, in whatever form you enjoy it, we beg you to consider your intake first and foremost. For caffeine to truly be an effective ergogenic aid (performance enhancing) we need to have it in our diet in small amounts (the UK government recommends an upper limit of 400mg per day). Why? Because we want to be highly sensitive to it when we take it, for the performance benefit it gives. For you to be truly sensitive to caffeine before the gym or sport, we ideally want need to minimize our intake during the day.

On the flipside to this we also want to ensure we are taking enough caffeine before we workout. If you are just having a coffee before the gym, is this acting as a potent enough dose to be performance enhancing, or should we be taking more? Do you know how much caffeine is in your pre-workout coffee?

Everyone also has a differing natural and acquired tolerance level to caffeine, and the amount suited to you may change day to day, and even from morning until the evening. You also don’t want caffeine to interfere with sleep if gym performance and body composition matter to you. One reason we don’t recommend high doses of caffeine late in the day, and a key reason we only put 60mg of caffeine in each Awesome Caffeine Tab, as this allows you to personalise your dose depending on your needs, sensitivity, body weight, and the time of day.

Awesome Caffeine Tabs is a product you can truly personalise to your needs and know exactly how much caffeine you are taking, in its purest available form (which has also been shown in the research to be more effective than the caffeine you get in coffee). Add a personalised dose of Awesome Caffeine Tabs to Awesome Pre-Workout and we have a potent pre-workout formula, a key reason we don’t make a caffeinated pre-workout supplement, we recommend you personalise your caffeine dose, thus we have Awesome Caffeine Tabs and Awesome Pre-workout sold as two separate products, so they can be combined in a personalised way, dosed as needed.

Finally, caffeine can sometimes leave people feeling too buzzed and jittery, so we added theanine to our tabs which makes the energy you get from caffeine smoother, meaning you get all the benefits of caffeine but without the potential negative effects to your concentration. This leads us to proudly claim that Awesome Caffeine Tabs just might trump your pre-workout coffee or energy drink, especially for the cost per serving (8p per tablet).

Performance minded caffeine, it’s that simple. Add it to Awesome Pre-Workout for maximum gym performance.

Supplementation benefits

  • Micro dosed at 60mg to personalise your dose
  • With added theanine for maximum concentration
  • Made from pure pharmaceutical grade sources


Caffeine Tabs Ingredients

Caffeine (60mg), Theanine (60mg), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin (capsule shell)

Caffeine - 60mg

The worlds most effective and popular ergogenic aid, research proven to increase performance, concentration, endurance, power and strength. Read the research on Caffeine at

Theanine - 60mg

Promotes relaxation without sedation, working in tandem with caffeine to improve concentration, attention and focus. The perfect partner to caffeine. Read the research on Theanine at

Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Nutrition infomation

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome Caffeine Tabs'.


Awesome Caffeine Tabs don’t just have to be taken pre-workout, they can be taken any time you feel you need a mental and physical boost. But, if you are consuming caffeine a lot, simply ask yourself why, is it because you are too tired and thus can’t concentrate? Then better sleep and recovery should be your priority, not more caffeine. Caffeine can’t make up for poor recovery, but in a state of good recovery, it can then catapult your performance even further. Please do be responsible around caffeine use and minimise your use where possible, which inadvertently increases its potency pre-workout or competition.

It is advised that you experiment with the dosing that is ideal for you. Try 1-2 capsules and gauge the effect, increasing the dosage over time and gauging how your physical and mental performance changes. The sweet spot with caffeine supplementation is that we get a sharp and noticeable increase in physical performance, but it doesn’t interfere with sleep, energy after exercise, or our mental well-being outside of the exercise period. Work to find your sweet spot, which is likely 1-5 capsules. Be careful when taking dosages above 5 capsules, while this is needed for some larger, higher performing people, always be careful and go slow in working up to high dosages of caffeine.

If you’re a smaller individual training at night, try 1-2 tabs for a little boost. Maybe you’re a bigger guy or training early in the morning? Awesome – just take more, maybe having 2-5 tabs (remember, we want a performance enhancing dose, and the research indicates does of 2-6mg per KG of body weight to be truly performance enhancing).


Martin Kennedy

Martin Kennedy

Martin Kennedy

Love the recovery spray, definitely feel the difference after a tough training session. Legs aren't as sore the next day, caffeine tabs work well as well, second win of season last week!

Caffeine Tabs packaging

Easy to swallow capsules taken 15-30 minutes pre workout

  • 100 capsules (gelatin)
  • Take 1-3 tabs pre training