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If you want a post exercise recovery shake, we recommend drinking milk. It's cost effective, readily available, convenient and contains all the essential macronutrients you need post workout, with added vitamins and minerals. But it lacks one thing, an optimal amount of leucine. Plus, everyone loves chocolate milk... enter Awesome Chocolate Powder.

Product information

Research has long indicated that milk is the perfect post workout recovery formula, but that hasn’t stopped supplement companies trying to sell over-priced post workout recovery formulas that are simply protein and sugar. Now while there is nothing inherently wrong with protein and sugar as a manufactured shake, why not opt for a natural approach and choose milk?

Milk is definitely awesome, BUT, chocolate milk is awesome-er.

The only flaw with milk is its lack of leucine, the anabolic amino acid that drives maximal recovery after exercise by stimulating muscle protein synthesis (MPS). While it is true that ingesting protein in any form will switch on MPS after exercise, it might not do it in a maximal fashion if the leucine content isn’t great enough (you want to aim for 3g of leucine per meal or shake you consume to maximally stimulate MPS). To get 3g of Leucine per serving of milk you must drink a lot of milk (approx. 1 litre), which for many would be a lot of calories. Not ideal when taking on board liquids, especially when on a diet or looking to closely maintain weight.

That led us to develop an improved solution for natures post workout recovery shake, which we have established is milk, by creating a simple formula of leucine, lactase and flavouring (which means the product is dairy free). Now you can enjoy a post workout milk chocolate or chocolate mint shake by simply adding a scoop to a serving of milk (suggested serving sizes are on the product label and in our downloadable product PDF).

This product is ideal for people training hard and wanting quick recovery post workout, people that train multiple times a day and struggle getting enough calories on board, those that enjoy the convenience of liquid nutrition and having a post workout shake, people that have a high calorie requirement and need the help of liquid nutrition, and people that just love chocolate milk and want to use this as a snack or shake based meal.

Liquid nutrition re-defined, using natures natural shake, milk, by just making it awesome-er.

*Please note, when you receive the product, there is a misprint on the label. The kcal values are incorrect and are: total calories per 100g are 330 and per 16.8g serving 55Kcal. All other values on the label are correct*.

Supplementation benefits

  • Compliments natures post workout shake, milk
  • Two awesome flavours to choose from
  • Aids people who struggle to digest milk with added lactase
  • Chocolate powder itself is dairy free

Chocolate Powder packaging

Just add one scoop to a serving of milk post exercise and enjoy, knowing you are adding extra leucine and an awesome flavour to your post workout shake

  • Two flavours available, milk chocolate and chocolate mint
  • Allows you to save money on expensive post workout shakes
  • 23 servings

Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Leucine - 2g

The most anabolic amino acid, essential in maximally stimulating muscle protein synthesis, an important component in recovery, performance and lean muscle gain. Read the research on Leucine at

Lactase - 65,000ug

Aids in the breakdown of lactose in milk, which some find hard to digest. Issues digesting lactose can result in adverse symptoms. Read the mechanisms behind Lactase at