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Support optimal health, performance and recovery with a blend of B vitamins, minerals, fish oil, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamins D, K, E, C & A. All you need in order to stay AWESOME.

Product information

Daily Dose is due back in stock week commencing 20th Nov but this is not guaranteed. Please email to be notified when it's back in stock. 

Awesome Daily Dose is our biggest selling product here at Awesome Supplements, and for a good reason. It covers all your daily health needs in one single product. So even if you are just looking to be more awesome, super healthy and support optimal well-being, this might be the only product you ever purchase from us.

Whether you’re someone interested in looking after yourself, a keen gym goer, an athlete, or anyone in between, this product has you covered because it contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and compounds people need on a daily basis to be at peak health. It also means you no longer need to buy fish oils, vitamin D, a ZMA formula and a multi-vitamin, it’s ALL in Awesome Daily Dose.

A truly awesome all in one formula built on the highest quality ingredients at research driven doses.

We can imagine you have heard of the benefits of supplements such as fish oil, vitamin D and magnesium? Well now you can get them all in one product. The benefits of fish oil are far reaching, and the amounts you’ll find in Awesome Daily Dose provide all the Omega 3 fatty acids you need to make sure you are at peak health, a massive 2000mg of active omega 3 (one reason our recommended serving size of daily capsules is large - feel free to take less, this is just the optimal serving as per the research and 2000mg of active omega 3 is unfortunately not something you can fit in one capsule). We use a new patented form of fish oil powder which is micro encapsulated to reduce any chances of oxidisation, protecting your health and the integrity of the fatty acids.

As for the multivitamin part of Daily Dose, when it comes to our micronutrient intake, we all know we need to get enough, but how do we know if we do or not?

It’s essential to eat a well-balanced and varied diet (it’s something we recommend people do before ever considering supplements) but sometimes it’s a good idea to have a ‘safety net’; an insurance policy. This is especially true when you are eating a restricted calorie intake to lose fat, when you have specific dietary restrictions due to allergies or for ethical reasons, or because you simply don’t like certain foods. Maybe you also travel a lot, have high stress levels, or don’t get to eat lots of fruits, vegetables and other essential foods for any other reasons – all of this leaves you with a risk of falling short.

People that exercise a lot also need to be more concerned with their micronutrient intake, as those of us who train to be stronger, fitter, leaner, faster and generally more awesome every day can often require more micronutrients than those who don’t.

Awesome Daily Dose can provide you with the correct essential nutrients, in optimal doses, so that you don’t fall short. This includes Vitamin D (plus Vitamin K which is needed for optimal absorption and utilisation) our most common modern day deficiency, Magnesium – the 2nd most common deficiency which is essential in recovery and performance, as well as everything else you need to reach peak health and performance.

It’s a precision blend to keep you on top of your game year-round. Health is the cornerstone of having awesome energy, performing well, and recovering to the best of your ability, look after your health, performance and recovery with Awesome Daily Dose.

Supplementation benefits

  • Get all your nutrients in one convenient product
  • Get 2000mg of omega 3 fat per daily serving at the normal cost of a high quality fish oil as a stand along product
  • All ingredients are effectively dosed to support optimal health, performance and recovery

Daily Dose packaging

Support optimal health, recovery and performance in one convenient daily product.

  • 360 capsules per tub
  • 12 capsules per serving

Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Omega 3 – 2000mg

Essential in maintenance of anti-inflammatory pathways, support of the cardiovascular system and regulation of arterial lipid levels & plaque, aiming for a 1:1 omega ratio. Read the research on Omega 3 at

Vitamin D – 2500iu

Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is essential in regulating our mood state, supporting our bones & immunity, and supports overall well-being. Most are deficient in Vit D. Read the research on Vitamin D at

Calcium – 800mg

Essential in the maintenance of healthy bones, heart tissue, nerves and muscles. An essential nutrient for all ages and activity levels. Read the research on Calcium at

Magnesium – 375mg

The 2nd most common deficiency. Highly effective as magnesium glycinate (other forms have poor absorption) in recovery, performance and overall health. Read the research on Magnesium at

Zinc – 15mg

Essential as an anti-oxidant, immune system regulator and regulates many enzymatic functions in the body. Supports optimal testosterone function. Read the research on Zinc at

Selenium – 55ug

A nutrient that can often be hard to obtain due to soil health of the food we grow. Plays a key role in fighting oxidants, an essential nutrient. Read the research on Selenium at

Vitamin E – 100mg

A potent anti-oxidant and booster to the immune system. Also supports the body in raising an antibody effect after vaccinations. Read the research on Vitamin E at

Vitamin C – 80mg

One of the most well known anti-oxidants, good at supporting the bodies immune system. Supplementing with vit C can half the chances of getting a cold. Read the research on Vitamin C at

B Vitamins – At RDA

Known to play a vital role in energy and cell metabolism, enzymatic activity, regulation of normal metabolic process’s and DNA. Read the research on B Vitamins at

Manganese – 2.5mg

Part of an anti-oxidant enzyme know as superoxide dismutase allowing detoxification processes to occur optimally. Essential in metabolism and development. Read the research on Manganese at

Iodine – 120ug

Essential in optimal thyroid function, often deficient in individuals that don’t eat enough seafood, are vegetarian, or avoid salting food. Also important in cognition. Read the research on Iodine at

Vitamin A – 600ug

A grouping of nutritional compounds that maintain the immune system, support healthy vision, and are important for healthy growth and development. Read the research on Vitamin A at

Vitamin K1 & MK-7 – 500ug each

A vitamin or mineral produced from intestinal bacteria. It plays an essential role in bone health and regulates blood clotting. Important with Vitamin D supplementation. Read the research on Vitamin K at

Copper – 1000ug

An essential mineral aiding in oxidative enzyme activity in the body. While a deficiency is rarely seen, we don’t take chances and have included this in Daily Dose. Read the research on Cooper at

Iron – 14mg

Essential in maintenance of our blood and the transportation of oxygen. Vegetarians, vegans, and athletes can often be deficient, and feel fatigued as a result. Read the research on Iron at