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A refreshing electrolyte and carbohydrate drink designed to sustain performance, prolong your time to fatigue and optimise hydration. For use during intense or prolonged exercise such as during competition, sport, endurance training or intense gym workouts.

Product information

Want to know what prolongs optimal human performance while you exercise? Carbohydrates and electrolytes. That’s why the fitness world has been drinking sports drinks to prolong performance for a very long time. It has been popular in the past to consume BCAA’s, or fat sources, or other new compounds, but the simplicity remains - the body loves sugar as a fuel source as it’s fast digesting and easily usable while exercising hard. Combine this with electrolytes to support muscular contraction and hydration, and what remains is a winning, simple, cost effective intra-workout formula.

Thus, we created Awesome Electrolytes + Carbohydrates, a tasty, well priced, fruit punch flavoured drink you can sip while you exercise so you keep on top of your hydration and performance needs. This is a product we recommend during prolonged exercise, or exercise that is very tough, or during exercise when you feel run down (consuming carbohydrates while exercising when you are run down reduces the stress effect of exercise and makes you less likely to experience on-going fatigue or get ill, reducing cortisol output during training).

Proper hydration is essential to optimal human performance, and so is having enough available fuel to the working muscles. So, if you exercise for 60 minutes plus like endurance sport, exercise classes, sport or hiking, then Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs is a simple, low cost way to support your needs.

Electrolytes are an essential component to staying hydrated, effectively allowing your muscles to absorb liquid, contract efficiently and ensure you reduce the chances of getting cramp and hyponatremia. Every drop of sweat takes more and more fluid and electrolytes out of your system and plain water only covers half of your bases. Then, with a lack of available fuel to use as you exercise, performance can only decline.

There’s no need for expensive BCAA drinks or overly technical intra-workout formulas during exercise. Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs taste amazing and gives you all you need. Another simple product to keep you Awesome, while you do the thing you love, exercise!

Supplementation benefits

  • Sustain and prolong exercise performance
  • Enhance hydration
  • Reduce the chances of getting cramp

Electrolytes + Carbs packaging

Take during training or sport

  • 1.2kg
  • 25+ servings

Rationale for electrolyte and carbohydrate supplementation

When we reference the research around supplementation, we reference as a source of easily understandable information. When it comes to Hydration and other nutritional requirements for athletics, we defer to the judgement of the ACSM and their position stands as one of the main sources of evidence-based advice for the athletic population worldwide

Awesome Electrolytes with carbs

"The goal of drinking during exercise is to prevent excessive (>2% body weight loss from water deficit) dehydration and excessive changes in electrolyte balance to avert compromised performance… During exercise, consuming beverages containing electrolytes and carbohydrates can provide benefits over water alone under certain circumstances.” Read the ACSM Position Stand on Fluid Replacement