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A refreshing, low calorie orange flavour electrolyte drink designed to sustain performance and optimise hydration during exercise, competition, sport, or in hot conditions.

Product information

In the world of fitness and sport, it seems people do 1 of 3 things during exercise - drink water, drink electrolytes (maybe with carbs), high 5 to you people, or drink the popularized BCAA drinks. Now, unless you are training in the fasted state (on an empty stomach), there is no benefit to BCAA drinks (if you are consuming a diet adequate in protein), and, if anything, at the cost, it could also be wasted money.

What we do need during exercise is consume fluid - water, and if the exercise we are doing is fairly tough, we need electrolytes to maintain optimal cellular hydration and muscular contraction. If you have a lack of electrolytes in the body when exercising, you can get a decline in performance or cramp. Proper hydration is essential to life and optimal human performance, so if there is a way to enhance or improve hydration, we should use it. Did you know it takes more fluid to hydrate your body when the water is ‘naked’? Around 1.7x more, which is a lot of fluid you would have to unnecessarily consume during exercise, making urination during sport or exercise more probable, meaning you then have to carry on with too much water moving about in your stomach, and potentially inferior hydration as a whole.

Awesome Electrolytes also has an added benefit you might not be aware of. During exercise, if you sip something sweet, you perform harder, for longer, even if the drink you consume doesn’t contain any energy, i.e. calories from sugar (which is traditionally in sports drinks, and is in our Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs formula). It does this by tricking the body into thinking it’s got more energy coming in by assuming you are drinking carbohydrate (sugar), and thus mobilises more stored fuel so that you have more available circulating energy to exercise with.

What we have done with Awesome Electrolytes is to create a clean, refreshing, awesome tasting orange flavour drink that can be taken during exercise, competition or sport to enhance hydration and sustain performance. We’ve used the perfect blend of electrolytes to balance performance, hydration and taste.

There’s no need for expensive BCAA drinks or overly technical intra-workout formulas during exercise, just keep it simple, and to what works. Awesome Electrolytes and Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs taste amazing and they give you all you need. If you exercise intensely for a long period of time (over 60 minutes), then it’s advised you use Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs (e.g. during endurance exercise, sport over 60 minutes such as rugby, football and hockey, and long gym sessions), otherwise use Awesome Electrolytes for your training hydration needs.

Another simple product to keep you Awesome, while you do the thing you love, exercise!

Supplementation benefits

  • Sustain exercise performance
  • Enhance hydration

Electrolytes packaging

Take during training or sport, or use as a drink in hot conditions

  • 250g
  • 30 servings

Rationale for electrolyte and carbohydrate supplementation

When we reference the research around supplementation, we reference as a source of easily understandable information. When it comes to Hydration and other nutritional requirements for athletics, we defer to the judgement of the ACSM and their position stands as one of the main sources of evidence-based advice for the athletic population worldwide

Awesome Electrolytes

"Besides containing water, sweat contains electrolytes that are lost. If not appropriately replaced, water and electrolytes imbalances (dehydration and hyponatremia) can develop and adversely impact on the individuals exercise performance and perhaps health.” Read the ACSM Position Stand on Fluid Replacement