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A high dose pre-workout shot containing high nitrate beetroot juice, citrulline malate, beta alanine, creatine, l-tyrosine and l-carnitine l-tartrate. Designed for gym goers, athletes and anyone engaging in high intensity training.

Product information

Awesome Pre-Workout has passed its Best Before End date of 31st July 2017. This is a ‘Best Before Date’ recommended by our manufacturer as standard practice, one year from manufacture. This is not a use by date, although as standard practice our manufacturer doesn’t have a sell by date. We have inspected the product and deem it still perfectly safe for consumption, taste and odour is normal. Please see the Food Standards agency website for information on best before and use by dates HERE. Any customers purchasing or consuming the product do so at their own discretion.

You take caffeine before you exercise right? Good, that’s the world’s most potent ergogenic aid covered, and caffeine is something we highly recommend pre-workout, but what else? Whether you hit the gym, pool, cycle, do crossfit, or play sport – the aim is the same, you want to perform as well as you can, every time. Pre-workout products aim to maximise performance, but they are often poorly dosed and become little more than expensively flavoured and brightly coloured high dose caffeine drinks.

Awesome Pre-Workout breaks the mould containing no caffeine at all (we recommend you add it in a dose that fits your needs from a coffee, caffeine drink or our Awesome Caffeine Tabs). Instead it’s packed with only the most useful, scientifically proven, stimulant-free ergogenic aids, at the correct dosing to enhance performance. Many pre-workout products will contain many of the ingredients we use in our Awesome Pre-Workout shots, but not in performance enhancing doses as it’s cheaper for them to produce it this way, but still enables them to make the label claims that their product contains it and has ‘said’ performance benefit. But to improve performance, you need the dose that’s supported by the research, not half of it.

So, we looked to the research and built a product only on the ingredients proven to enhance performance, in the correct doses. As a result, Awesome Pre-Workout shots are built around highly concentrated, high nitrate beetroot juice extract in partnership with Beet It (the leading brand of high nitrate beetroot juice), delivering 400mg of active nitrates. We then added 8g of Citrulline Malate which is shown to improve performance in both aerobic and anaerobic training (many companies only use 2-6g), we then added 3g each of creatine and beta alanine (we recommend you still take Awesome Performance Blend alongside Awesome Pre-Workout, on the days you don’t take it) 1.5g of Tyrosine to improve cognition and focus, and 2g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate as it’s shown to improve acute recovery and performance via enhanced muscle oxygenation (increased nitrate and nitric oxide levels).

We recommend you consume Awesome Pre-Workout as a standalone product (especially if you train late in the evening), or for an extra performance boost this can be combined with caffeine using our Awesome Caffeine Tabs (recommended for maximal performance) that are dosed at 60mg per capsule so you can personalise your own dose and know how much caffeine you are actually getting. This dual-product approach pre-training or sport allows you to get the full benefits of properly dosed ergogenic aids while tailoring your stimulant intake to your own needs – it really is a ‘best of both worlds’, packed into a convenient and very sour ready to drink shot.

So next time you hit training hard or compete, hit a new level of awesome!

Warning: Awesome Pre-Workout contains a high dose of Beta Alanine which may have one harmless side effect which could be alarming if you don’t expect it. Beta alanine innervates histamine receptors under your skin, which can cause a mild to moderate amount of tingling or itching known as paresthesia. This is a harmless side effect and will happen to a smaller and smaller degree with time, but if you find it unpleasant there is a good tactic to minimise it, just start moving around, the tingles will lessen as the body moves and muscles contract. To minimise this effect you can also take it with food, or at least not on an empty stomach. Our pre-workout shot will also turn urine pink due to the beetroot.

Awesome Pre-Workout has a Best Before End date of June 2017.

Supplementation benefits

  • Scientifically dosed ingredients
  • Proven to enhance physical performance
  • Combine with Awesome Caffeine Tabs for the perfect pre-workout stack when engaging in high intensity or long duration training

Pre-Workout (Single Bottle) packaging

Take 60 minutes pre training with Awesome Caffeine Tabs for the perfect pre-workout stack

  • x1 70ml shot
  • Precision dosing

Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Beetroot extract - 400mg

Nitrates are the active component in concentrated beetroot juice, shown improve physical performance, having an anti-fatigue effect. Read the Research at or over on the Beet It Website

Citrulline Malate - 8g

A heavily researched compound that aids in performance enhancement, including; strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy and explosive based activities. Read the research on Creatine at

Creatine - 3g

Important in regulation of the immune system, which in turn can affect recovery ability. Also a vital component in hormone function, specifically testosterone. Read the research on Zinc at

Beta Alanine - 3g

Can aid in lean mass gain and performance enhancement, especially when training for durations of 60-240 seconds. Also acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging compound. Read the research on Beta-Alanine at

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate - 2g

Increases nitric oxide levels and thus enhances the oxygenation of muscle tissue, effective in reducing markers of muscle damage and improving acute recovery. Read the research on L-Carnitine at

L-Tyrosine - 10mg

Enhances our ability to combat stress (exercise), enhances performance when sleep deprived, mitigates a decline in mental performance when training for long periods. Read the research on L-Tyrosine at