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Get a free nutrition, training and supplement guide to help achieve your goals quicker for your chosen sport or discipline…

Want a guide that will tell you how to set up your diet, how to recover more efficiently, how to improve your performance, advice on gym work for your sport, and what supplements to take to support your goals? Then you are in the right place. Simply click on the guide that’s relevant to you to download your personal PDF that will outline how to optimise your health, recovery and performance for the goal your trying to achieve.

Body Type Nutrition Ebooks

If you are looking for something more specific, a guide that will help you more than the above sports guides can, then we would recommend checking out Ben’s books over on the Body Type Nutrition website.

Ben’s sister company provides resources, books and educational materials to help teach you how to self-learn all the skills you’ll ever need to optimise your own health, recovery and body composition. The Nutrition Blueprint is for beginner to intermediate individuals looking to learn more about nutrition and setting up a diet, the Sports Nutrition Blueprint is for intermediate to advanced individuals looking to optimise their diet, training and lifestyle around their sport or the gym, and the cookbook is packed full of healthy, tasty recipes for you to try.

BTN Nutrition Blueprint

Body Type Nutrition Nutrition Blueprint

Nutrition Blueprint

BTN Cookbook

Body Type Nutrition Cookbook


BTN Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Body Type Nutrition Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Sports Nutrition Blueprint