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About us


An industry that seems to have forgotten it’s ethical responsibility in educating the customer regarding what supplements actually work and why, based on actual scientific research; not just trying to sell products by promoting false promises with bold marketing claims using enhanced athletes, sporting unachievable physiques (if you are a natural trainer or fitness enthusiast).

Products that say they are ‘researched backed’ but actually contain ingredients that have been proven to work only in petri-dishes, on rats or in isolated environments that don’t correlate to the real world, in real world situations.

Products that contain fillers and completely unnecessary ingredients.

Products that claim they are are high quality, but they aren’t.

Products that are said to work, but don’t.

Being told you ‘need’ a product, but in reality, you don’t.

Products advertised to be taken ‘multiple times a day’ or ‘whenever you need it’ without a clear understanding of WHY or HOW you need it and WHEN to actually take it.

Products sold to you before you have even nailed your nutrition, training and lifestyle - the cornerstones of achieving an AWESOME state of health and performance. This is one reason why I wrote the ‘8 Reasons you don’t need supplements’ ebook found at the bottom of this page. It's a guide to confidently nailing the basics before you progress into the world of supplements.

Supplements should ‘supplement’ a healthy diet and lifestyle and add that little bit extra, supporting and adding to our health, training, recovery capability, and physical performance, not be relied upon in any way, or be some holy grail or magical solution.

As a result, I created Awesome Supplements.

A mission to give transparency and honesty to the supplement world and to educate and empower. We want to #beAWESOME and we want you to #beAWESOME.

You only get AWESOME and feel AWESOME every day by being in tune with your body, by learning the power of real food, by training intelligently, managing your daily stress, being on top of your recovery strategies, having balance in your life, living a life of adventure, and by being fit and healthy to not just be fit and healthy, but to live a richer more AWESOME life.

Don’t get me wrong, some supplements can have quite a profound effect, like magnesium in supporting recovery, creatine and beta alanine in supporting strength, power and endurance, vitamin D and omega 3 fats in supporting optimal health, nitrates and citrulline malate in prolonging training endurance, and whey protein by simply making life more convenient to get adequate protein in the diet to support your goals.

But all of this can be fruitless without nailing the basics first; your diet, sleep and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Here at Awesome Supplements you will see no fat burners, CLA, crazy pre-workouts that make you bounce off the roof of the car on your way to the gym, toning products, diet drinks, diet products, meal replacement shakes, testosterone boosters, or anything that doesn’t work...

You’ll only find products that are proven to work, according to actual research (apart from AWESOME Recovery Spray, but we can explain that once you jump over to that page and take a look - it’s in a black bottle when all our other products are in white due to us being 100% transparent about what we do and why).

We genuinely want the best for you, and we’ll ensure you get that by us educating and empowering you throughout your journey, whatever journey that may be. Whether you are someone just trying to get fitter and healthier, a seasoned gym goer, or an athlete looking for peak performance, join us and #fuelledbyAWESOME.

Let us give you clarity and honesty in a supplement world that is riddled with confusion and dishonesty, by showing you supplements that are simple to take, taste AWESOME, and work!

That’s our promise to you.


Ben Coomber
Awesome Supplements Founder