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Awesome Scoops

  • 50ml and 10ml scoop (see how to use information)
  • Made from sustainable beech wood
  • Made in China, using FSC regulated methods
Awesome Scoops
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In a bid to get rid of one use plastics, we've purchased these beech scoops which you can use across our whole product range.

Here at Awesome, we don’t provide plastic scoops in your pouch. Instead, we offer these sustainably sourced handmade beech wood scoops, which can be used across our complete range.

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Double up. Triple up.

Buy more, save more, with our protein packed deals.

Our scoops are made from sustainable beech wood.

Our beech scoops have been made a little smaller than we would have liked. Therefore, we recommend that you use a heaped scoop for Awesome Protein. Should you want to ensure your serving is precise, we recommend you weigh it out.