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Welcome to the Awesome Supplements Calorie calculator, a handy and accurate tool to help you calculate your calorie needs to reach your fat loss, maintenance, or muscle building goals. Simply fill in the below table as accurately as possible accounting for where your current activity level is, or where you intend it to be when implementing your new diet and calorie goal.

The suggested macronutrients given by our calorie calculator are a guide based on an active person, aiming for roughly 25% fat, 30-40% protein (it automatically changes based on your goal), with the remainder coming from carbohydrates.

Remember, in changing body composition the #1 variable is total calorie intake, #2 is your protein intake, and #3 your fat and carb intake - where we always advise to be flexible – which Ben our founder explains more in the video below. After doing your calculation, please review our FAQs, explainer video, and feel free to download a sports guide to get even more help.

No, the number you see above has calculated your calorie deficit already given your physical stats and activity level, if you chose ‘fat loss’ as your goal.

According to the relevant research, your carbohydrate and fat intake will not make much difference to your body composition so long as calories and protein are at appropriate intake levels and you don’t eat extremely low carbohydrate or fat. Feel free to keep your calories and protein the same while varying your fat and carbohydrate intake according to your preference (indeed, many people do not track these at all, and track only calories and protein, to great results). For those who are athletically minded, we advise erring close to the carbohydrate intake suggested as carbohydrate is important for exercise performance. This is explained more in the above video with Ben.

No, the above calculation works on eating an average calorie need over the course of a week, making it easier to manage your diet. So over the course of a week you will be eating the right amount of calories, split evenly, daily. If you exercise very intensely on some days, and are highly sedentary on other days, you can choose to times your calories by 7, and eat more on training days, and less on rest days, but for the average trainer exercising 3-4x per week, eating the same, daily, will lead to the same outcome over the course of a week and make it easy to manage your diet.

No. This formula already accounts for calories burned during exercise so these extra calories are factored in already. It is best to use one calorie calculator and not try mix the results of various calorie calculators, so if you are using ours, stick to the data you see above. 

We advise that you account for the number of workouts you do on average (so if sometimes 2, sometimes 4, sometimes 3, choose 3 as its your average), and if you do happen to exercise more than you had planned, add those calories on top. So, if you went for a run and you usually wouldn’t, and burn 400 calories, add an extra 400 calories, or slightly less if your goal is fat loss, to that day’s intake. 

This is a great question which is unfortunately very difficult to define precisely. The WHO advises that you perform at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 days per week, and so we would consider anything that raises your heart rate and gets you out of breath for 30 minutes or more counts as a workout.

We recommend MyFitnessPal, it’s easy to use, will help you track your daily calories, and teach you about food over time. If after tracking and implementing the above calorie intake for a few weeks, and you don’t get the results you expect, simply tweak your calorie intake. No calorie calculator can be 100% accurate when put into practice, as our lives change often. If you calculate a fat loss calorie goal, but do not lose weight after 2-3 weeks, simply drop your calorie intake by another 10%, and continue with that.

To learn more about nutrition and to maximise the use of this calculator, feel free to enrol on this free 5 day video short course from our sister company, The BTN Academy, a certified nutrition education company.

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