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Welcome to the Awesome Supplements Calorie calculator. Below you can calculate your calorie needs for your individual body and then watch an informative video on how to best use the information you get.

The suggested macronutrients by our calculator are a guide based on an active person, aiming for roughly 25% fat intake, a variable protein intake ranging from 1.5g-2.4g per kilo of bodyweight based on your goal and physique, with the remainder of calories coming from carbs.

Total calories are the key factor in fat loss, muscle gain or weight maintenance, so as long as calories are maintained feel free to manipulate your macronutrient intake to your preference, ensuring that you are obtaining enough protein intake for your goal. But, the video will explain this more…

To learn more about nutrition and to maximise the use of this calculator, feel free to enrol on this free 5 day video short course from our sister company, The BTN Academy, a certified nutrition education company.

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