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“I would not purchase my supplements from ANY OTHER company than AWESOME Supplements. These products are backed by scientific research which is extremely important. I would happily pay a little extra for quality products that are proven to better my health.”
Camilla Bun, AfN Nutritionist

Best sellers

Awesome Protein Powder

Awesome Protein Powder

Five awards won, made from organic pea and rice, low sugar, this is our #1 selling product loved by 1000’s
Awesome Hydrate

Awesome Hydrate

Light and refreshing low calorie electrolyte formula to ensure optimal hydration and performance during exercise
Awesome Defence

Awesome Defence

Advanced multi-vitamin that supports optimal health and recovery. An all in one, research aligned formula
Awesome Power

Awesome Power

A potent mix of creatine and beta alanine made to fuel high intensity training. Take daily in your drinking water
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We are not your average supplement company.

The world of supplements is a shady place, full of bold claims, misinformation and under-dosing. That ends at Awesome Supplements.

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“Genuinely one of the best supplement companies I have come across. I use the vegan protein which tastes great, but my favourite product is the hydration solution. I'm an avid runner and this has been a game changer. Tastes amazing and about a third of the price of other brands like Humatra.

Top work to the team at Awesome Supplements!”
Mr N Mc, avid runner

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Evidence dosed
Awesome taste guarantee
Champion of awards
Qualified support
Packed and produced in the U.K.
We LISTEN and innovate
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