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Do you trust many supplement companies?

If not, I don’t blame you.

For a long time I had been frustrated with the supplement industry, a side of the health and fitness world I have always loved as a coach and educator.

In my opinion the supplement industry had forgotten it's ethical responsibility in educating the customer with what supplements actually work and WHY. Based on credible scientific research and not research companies choose to use (anyone can cherry pick research as few ever read past the abstract), leading companies to promote their products with false promises wrapped up in bold marketing claims, often using ‘enhanced athletes’ posing with their products on Instagram, looking so perfect, selling the dream body.

These same companies said they were using the best ingredients in the correct doses for it to be effective, but most weren’t. Add that to lame tasting products that you regretted buying after the very first shake, I knew something had to be done.

I knew a supplement company could be what people wished it to be, ethical, responsible, honest, genuinely research backed, adamant about taste and quality, and educated every customer on what to take and why for their goals.

Awesome Supplements was born.

Supplements should ‘supplement’ a healthy diet and lifestyle and add that little bit extra, supporting and adding to your health, training, recovery and physical performance, and that’s why we never make bold claims or shove anything in your face, because the basics are key, they are the most important bit.

Awesome supplements are just here to make you a little more awesome(r).

As you explore our awesome website (you’ll see the word awesome a lot round here, it’s just in our blood) you’ll see no fat burners, CLA, crazy pre-workouts that make you bounce off the roof of the car on your way to the gym, toning products, diet drinks, diet products, meal replacement shakes, testosterone boosters, or anything that doesn’t work... or creates a faulty mindset towards your health and weight.

You’ve entered a BS free zone, welcome.

Join us and get…


Ben Coomber
Chief of Awesome

Who is Ben Coomber?

Ben Coomber is a Performance Nutritionist (CISSN), coach (S&C), international speaker and fitness educator. Ben has the UK’s #1 rated podcast Ben Coomber Radio, has coached 1000s of people in his 90 day program Fat Loss for Life, has consulted and worked with everyone from pro athletes to kids playing sport, educates the nutrition coaches of the future at The BTN Academy, has worked with companies like Sky TV, O2 and Twinnings Tea, has been a headline speaker at Body Power, SFN and Be Fit for many years, and continues to try educate and innovate in the world of fitness. This all stemmed from his journey as an obese teenager wanting to better his health, body and mind.

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