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Omega 3 Awesome Supplements

About Awesome Supplements

You deserve to understand what goes into your supplements.

So you can have the confidence that what you are taking works and is 100% research aligned. 

You won’t see us pick and choose the research to support bold claims, under-dose products to increase our profits, nor sell you things that flat out don’t work.

We also work tirelessly to make everything taste AWESOME. 

This makes us not like most supplement companies. 

See, in the world of health, fitness and wellness, and now with the rise of longevity and ‘biohacking’, myths, half-truths and fake news have long obscured the path to true vitality and optimal human performance.

We started Awesome Supplements in 2016 with a burning desire to disrupt this landscape, stand up for the truth (the actual science), and to lead the charge against the sea of misinformation that clouds this industry we love. 

And we’re still here today, disrupting the world of supplements to fuel your potential - working hard every day to earn your trust, take care of your health, and to power your physical and mental performance. 

So you can become the most healthy, fit, AWESOME human possible.

Achieving maximum human performance through supplementation is simple. All you need is the right set of formulas, in the right dosages. 

It's that simple. 

So, that begs the question…

How we are different

BS Free
No crappy fillers, no heavy metals, no cheap ingredients, no allergens. You deserve to understand what goes into your supplements and why.
Every supplement company makes ‘research backed’ claims. Yet few actually put in the research effective dose into their products. We do.
We Innovate
Some products, like Awesome Power, can't be found anywhere else. And our protein, well, you’ll just have to try it, it will blow your mind!
Transparent pricing
Most supplement companies inflate their RRPs to offer wild discounts. We have a premium product at a fair price, year-round.
Qualified help
When you email or DM us, a qualified nutritionist or personal trainer will reply, not a social media intern.
Champion of Awards
We bet you can’t find another supplement brand that’s won 16 awards!
Awesome Taste Guarantee
Not satisfied with how our supplements taste? That keeps us awake at night. Contact us for a full refund, or a speedy solution.
Produced & packaged in the U.K.
All our supplements are produced in the UK with 100% recyclable packaging.
We’re like you
Join a community that shares your commitment for pushing boundaries and personal transformation.

Why we are called AWESOME Supplements

Because there is an AWESOME human in all of us, and we are passionate about fueling your AWESOME.

Being AWESOME is a way of life. 

It’s a life of us reaching our goals while enjoying the process of growth, evolution, and personal transformation.

We’re here to help you achieve more and be more in all areas of your life.

Together let's rewrite the rules, trust in science, and inspire the AWESOME in all of us.

It's time to #FuelYourAwesome

Awesome Supplements

Our founder, Ben Coomber is a multi-award-winning Nutritionist, high performance coach, educator, speaker, #1 rated podcaster, and best-selling author of ‘How to Live an Awesome life’. Ben has coached 1000s of people during his 16 years as a coach, working with everyone from pro athletes to kids playing sport. Ben also spent 11 years teaching people how to be nutrition coaches in his previous company. This all started with Ben’s journey as an obese teenager suffering with IBS, Asthma, Ezcema and ADHD, and him wanting to better his health, body and mind to become... AWESOME.