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Our Mission at Awesome Supplements is simple…

To fuel your AWESOME in an honest, ethical and simple way.

For too long the supplement industry has been a place of frustration.

How many supplement companies do you feel you can REALLY trust?

Confusing, bold claims on tubs, biased and cherry-picked science, marketing fronted by genetically elite athletes with bulging muscles or slim waists, insinuating that what’s in the tub, bar or pill is the magic answer to your fitness goals, and a product that never tastes as good as the marketing hype.

It was time to shake things up…

We’re the company that will tell you honestly if a supplement can benefit you or not, and if so, the exact science behind it.

We’re the company that never use unnecessary fillers, and are GMO and heavy metal free.

We’re the company that uses plants wherever possible in creating our products.

We’re the company that go out of our way to make everything taste AWESOME (in fact our taste innovation has won awards!).

That’s how we do things here at Awesome Supplements, and have done since our birth in May 2016.

We aim to go above and beyond to provide for your health, recovery, performance, and taste buds, all while minimising our environmental impact to help our planet.

Why help the planet?

Why not? It’s our home.

To do this we use 100% recyclable packaging in all products apart from our protein bar wrappers (which we are working hard to change), ship our products in 100% recyclable packaging, and plant a tree for EVERY product we sell, ensuring we are reducing our net carbon emissions while also creating jobs in the process. To date we have planted this many trees with your help:

We have a commitment to you, your health and performance, and the planet.

This is the AWESOME way.

Join us and #FuelYourAwesome

Ben Coomber
Head of Awesome

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber, the founder of Awesome Supplements, is an award-winning Performance Nutritionist (CISSN), coach (S&C), international speaker and fitness educator. Ben has a #1 rated podcast Ben Coomber Radio, has coached 1000s of people during his 13 years as a coach, has consulted and worked with everyone from pro athletes to kids playing sport, educates the nutrition coaches of the future at The BTN Academy, has worked with companies like Sky TV, Global Radio, Virgin Media, England Rugby, O2 Touch, Stryker, The NHS, BestFit TV and Twinning’s Tea, is a headline speaker at major industry events such as Body Power, SFN and Be Fit, has been on Sky TV, writes for major magazines like Men’s Health, and continues to try educate and innovate in the world of fitness. This all stemmed from his journey as an obese teenager wanting to better his health, body and mind.

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