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Here you can find answers to all your supplement questions…

Are supplements really needed?

No, hence the name supplement, they should never replace a good diet and aren't necessarily needed. However, they can be beneficial in many ways for people looking to optimise their diet and performance, so the key question you should be asking isn’t “Should I take supplements, are they needed”, it’s “Should I be taking supplements for what I do and what goals I have, could they benefit me”.

For example, protein supplements are good for people that want flexibility with their diet and their protein intake or want to easily and cheaply boost their overall protein intake to support their goals. A protein bar can be a great snack to meet your protein goals and get a tasty chocolate fix. Vitamins, minerals and omega 3 supplements are good supplements to take as many people get enough of these compounds in the diet or are highly active and want to support those goals. Many performance supplements are proven to work as you cannot get such compounds in the diet naturally in high amounts so supplementing with them is essential if you want those benefits. People exercise in heat, sweat a lot or simply want to optimise performance so electrolyte supplements can be very beneficial. Likewise, including an Awesome protein bar might be a nice way of having a ‘sweet’ that also helps you to hit your protein goal.

So, it’s not a case of “Are supplements needed?”, it’s a case of seeing if supplements could be beneficial to you and your goals, context is always key as everyone is different. If you’re unsure just drop us a message, we’ll help.

Do you need protein shakes if you want to build muscle?

Maybe. A few key questions are important here, such as do you have enough protein in your diet already? Could a protein shake help you meet your needs, or tie you over at breakfast time when you want something quick or after the gym, so you don’t crack and recovery quicker? Do you want a protein shake because it’s cheaper than whole food protein and cost is an issue for you? Could a protein powder be a useful baking ingredient to add to your pantry? All plausible reasons to choose a shake and have it handy for when its needed/wanted. So, it’s like the above scenario, it’s not that anything is needed per se, it’s a case of can it be beneficial for you and your goals. And weighing up your options and situation only you will be able to answer that. But if not, we’ll help. If you’re unsure reach out to us and we’ll help.

(FYI a good protein target to aim for when building muscle is 1.6-2.2g per KG of body weight, so if you were 80kg and looking to build muscle you might aim for 160g of protein per day split up into your meals and snacks).

Is creatine worth trying for hypertrophy training?

Creatine is the world’s #1 most researched performance enhancing aid, so it is likely the answer is yes, both for hypertrophy training and for sports and fitness training in general. It’s even got positive data on it for elderly people maintaining muscle mass and cognitive function as they age. So, if you are training hard in the gym, you are looking to push and progress your body, then yes, creatine is a very cost effective and well researched performance aid.

ZMA - is there a right type of zinc and magnesium or is it all the same?

Yes 100%, when supplementing with magnesium NOT taking oxide or stearate is key, magnesium citrate or (bi)glycinate have higher absorption rates, so they are a little more money, but you are absorbing more of it. Do you need magnesium? Maybe. it is something that people are commonly deficient in so there is often benefit, this saw a steep rise in the popularity of ZMA supplements in the 80s, a lot of people seemed to be deficient which is why they saw benefit (taking ZMA brought their levels to optimal).

You could be deficient due to your diet, or due to the extra stress in your life (including training), so it might be worth it. Look out for those chelates when it comes to choosing your type of magnesium/zinc, quality counts here as the cheaper product might seem better, but you'll just need more to get the same effect. We put high quality magnesium and zinc in all our products, so we can guarantee you the best, because we take these supplements ourselves!

What supplements would you suggest for endurance training?? focusing on distance running...

Supporting the training load with your calorie intake is always key, then good sleep, then looking at micronutrient support, thus an omega 3 and multi-vitamin might help. Couple this with an electrolyte + carb supplement while you exercise (if you train for one hour plus). Also see our diet, training and supplement book that's free, which you can find HERE, for a detailed idea on what to take and why.

Do multivitamins actually make a difference and do i have to take them?

If you are eating a well-balanced diet with a wide variety of foods and not in an energy deficit then you don't HAVE to take a multi-vitamin, no, but you could find they help, this is often due to people being deficient in key nutrients. We always recommend customers try it for 1-2 months and see how they feel, the proof is always in the pudding. People will often experience an improvement in sleep quality, overall daily energy and a stronger immune system. Give it a go, try Awesome Daily Dose and see how your overall health fares over the coming months.

What are the best proven supplements for mental performance and reduction of physical fatigue?

Sleep is #1, always. then caffeine and l-tyrosine, which both form part of our Awesome Pre-Workout stack. After this ensure you are eating enough, not training too hard, stress isn’t too high, and you are eating sufficient carbohydrates to fuel training. It’s very hard to improve physical and mental performance when you are not getting the basics right, so do put a key focus on sleep, calories, training volume and stress reduction.

How many of your products are vegan friendly?

All our products are vegan friendly apart from Awesome Whey protein and Awesome Fish oil.

I’ve tried many vegan protein powders before and they were all grainy and didn’t taste great, why should i try yours?

This is the exact reason we developed Awesome Vegan Protein: because there were no options that tasted nice, and we believed it didn’t have to be this way. We worked hard to get rid of the grainy pea texture and made them taste awesome, and we think we really nailed it. Check out our customer reviews to see what other customers think!

Similarly our protein bars are, based on the feedback we have gotten, the best tasting vegan protein bar around, and significantly higher in protein than most common brands.

Is the sweetener sucralose safe?

Currently the full body of evidence for the safety of sucralose indicates that it is perfectly safe to consume. Customers regularly ask why not use stevia? This is because stevia, in our opinion, tastes awful, and that’s not what we want! Some individuals with IBS can get irritation from some sweeteners, so be mindful if this is you. Click the following link to read the most up to date research on sucralose.

Is creatine harmful to the kidneys?

While it will increase load on the kidneys, this additional load is well within their capability unless you have renal issues already. There is no evidence that creatine use in healthy people causes kidney issues.

Is it ok to take awesome performance blend alongside awesome pre-workout, or should i take one over another?

If you could only take one product due to cost, take Awesome Performance Blend. If you can afford both, and there is a benefit to taking both, then read on. Performance Blend acts as a baseline amount of creatine and beta alanine, two compounds that need to be taken daily because creatine has a cumulative chronic effect. Our pre-workout also contains beta-alanine but no creatine. Pre-Workout does not need to be taken daily and has an acute (short-term) effect. So ideally take Awesome Performance Blend daily, and Awesome Pre-workout on days that you exercise 15-30 minutes pre exercise.

What is the benefit of vegan protein over whey protein?

While there is no general benefit over whey protein which will apply to everyone, Awesome Vegan Protein offers an additional choice without compromising quality. This means that those sensitive to dairy, or those following a plant-based diet which excludes dairy, can enjoy a great product with awesome flavour and a complete amino acid profile.

Can I cook with your protein powders?

Awesome Vegan Protein and Awesome Whey Protein is perfectly safe for cooking. Neither the protein content or the flavour will be negatively affected, and we actually have a ton of awesome recipes to help include them in cooking, after all, variety is the spice of life!

Do I use milk or water in shakes and how much?

Your use of milk, milk substitute, or water, and the precise amount, is individual. We recommend you stick to 200-400ml of liquid per serving (apart from Awesome Mixed Berry vegan protein, we made this thicker), and do pay attention to the additional calories if you opt for something other than water. Milk or milk substitute will provide an improved flavour and texture, water will reduce calories – the decision is yours, but we designed ALL of our protein powders to taste awesome with water, so don’t think you need to use milk to make our products taste good, you don’t.

Why not just drink water while exercising?

Water is fine while you exercise, especially if it’s light exercise. But as soon as exercise becomes quite intense, is in hot conditions, for a prolonged period of time, or you’re someone looking to push themselves (sweet drinks may improve performance) then it is beneficial to support training with electrolytes, or electrolytes and carbs. Electrolytes have been shown to hydrate you more effectively than water alone, and hydration is paramount to performance. Check out Awesome Electrolytes for a cost-effective way to support exercise.

Are your products heavy metal free?

Yes, all our products have a confirmed heavy metal free safety rating, rest assured. But you may listen to heavy metal while consuming them if you choose to.

Will your pre-workout help my particular sport or in the gym, and how?

Thanks to the inclusion of beta alanine we can safely say that this product will help anyone who performs at a high intensity. Adding L Carnitine L Tartrate and L-tyrosine to improve your volume tolerance, recovery and focus only makes it even more beneficial, and the glycerol will improve blood flow – potentially helping aerobic performance and giving you a great pump! You get all this without any caffeine which means you can use out pre-workout if you train late in the day. But we also do caffeine tabs which you can add separately if you wish to get a stimulant kick.

Why does your pre-workout and performance blend make me tingle?

Beta Alanine activates something known as a Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor member D in your skin. This is a histamine-independent response that results in the feeling of itching that’s harmless, but we appreciate it’s sometimes unpleasant! To minimise this, take the product as advised and get moving, movement will dissipate the tingles.

How much caffeine should I take pre-exercise?

Your dose is always going to be individual. We recommend you only increase one Awesome Caffeine Tab at a time and be sure to leave at least 30-minutes between taking caffeine and exercising so it has time to ‘kick in’. Most will want to take between 2-5 capsules depending on your body weight, time of day and sensitivity to caffeine. But to give you an idea in terms of mg take 2-4mg per KG body weight pre-exercise.

Are awesome caffeine tabs more effective than coffee?

Yes, for two reasons. Research indicates that the pure pharmaceutical nature of caffeine powder is slightly more ergogenic than the caffeine found in coffee, so it has a small edge for that reason. Secondly, pure and exact doses of caffeine also have the advantage of being precisely dosed. If you have a coffee do you know how much caffeine you are getting? Often not. Using a capsule method allows you to ensure you are getting the ergogenic (performance enhancing) dose you are wanting.

Should I add the awesome caffeine tabs to awesome pre-workout?

You can either open the capsules and add your Awesome Caffeine Tabs to Awesome Pre-Workout if you want to, or simply mix it altogether. Or simply use Awesome Pre-Workout to wash your desired amount of Awesome Caffeine Tabs down. Either way the effect is the same. Feel free to take Awesome Pre-Workout without caffeine if you want a caffeine free pre-workout.

If I train for an extended period of time, how many grams of carbohydrate do you recommend per hour of training?

The ISSN recommends 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour of continuous exercise that will last over 60 minutes in total duration.

Awesome recovery spray, do I have to leave it on for ages?

After 5 minutes or so the ingredients will have been absorbed, so if you would like to wash it off, you can, we do. If you would like to leave it on, you also can. Some people don’t like the feeling of things on their skin long term, so if this is you, apply, wait 5 minutes, then wash off. Ideally spray it on and rub it in soon after exercise, wait a few minutes, then dive in the shower.

Does awesome recovery spray benefit sleep?

Awesome Recovery Spray contains magnesium, which is a relaxant, combine that with the fact that you massage it in, and it can make your muscles feel very relaxed. So, using it in general might support sleep. Experiment with using it and see what the results are like. Our Awesome Daily Dose also contains magnesium and thus might also support sleep. Of course, beneficial effects of magnesium, like any supplement, will only materialise if you are deficient to begin with, it’s not like you can just add it on top and get extra benefits.

My tub seal has a tiny hole in it?

All our seals have a tiny air hole to allow pressure equalisation. This is normal and not something to be concerned about.

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