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Here you can find answers to all your general supplement questions. Please navigate to the product you would like to purchase for more specific answers.


Are supplements really needed?

No, hence the name supplement. They should never replace a good diet and aren't necessarily needed, however, they can be beneficial in many ways for people looking to optimise their diet and performance, so the key question you should be asking isn’t “Should I take supplements, are they needed”, it’s “Would a supplement benefit me?”

For example, protein supplements are good for people that want flexibility with their diet and their protein intake or want to easily and cheaply boost their overall protein intake to support their goals. A protein bar can be a great snack to meet your protein goals and get a tasty chocolate fix. Vitamins, minerals and omega 3 supplements are good supplements to take as many people don’t get enough of these nutrients in the diet, especially those who are highly active and want to support those goals. Many performance supplements like creatine and beta alanine are well documented to improve performance, and you often can’t get these in adequate amounts from your diet. People who exercise in heat, sweat a lot or simply want to optimise performance may find electrolyte supplements can be very beneficial.

So, it’s not a case of “Are supplements needed?”, it’s a case of seeing if supplements could be beneficial to you and your goals, context is always key as everyone is different. If you’re unsure just drop us a message, we’ll help.

What supplements would you suggest for endurance training? Focusing on distance running...

Supporting your training load with your calorie intake is always key, then good sleep, then looking at micronutrient support to keep your immune system firing on all cylinders – because of this our first response is that an omega 3 and multi-vitamin might help. Couple this with an electrolyte + carb supplement while you exercise (if you train for one hour plus). Also see our diet, training and supplement book that's free, which you can find HERE, for a detailed idea on what to take and why.

What are the best proven supplements for mental performance and reduction of physical fatigue?

Sleep is #1, always. then caffeine and l-tyrosine, which both form part of our Awesome Pre-Workout stack. After this, ensure you are eating enough, not training too hard, stress isn’t too high, and you are eating sufficient carbohydrates to fuel training. It’s very hard to improve physical and mental performance when you are not getting the basics right, so do put a key focus on sleep, calories, training volume and stress reduction.

If I train for an extended period of time, how many grams of carbohydrate do you recommend per hour of training?

The ISSN recommends 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour of continuous exercise that will last over 60 minutes in total duration. This should then of course be a part of a balanced, relatively high carbohydrate diet.

How many of your products are vegan friendly?

All our products are vegan friendly apart from Awesome Whey protein and Awesome Fish oil.

Is the sweetener Sucralose safe?

Currently the full body of evidence for the safety of Sucralose indicates that it is perfectly safe to consume. Customers regularly ask why not use stevia? This is because stevia, in our opinion, tastes awful, and that’s not what we want! Some individuals with IBS can get irritation from some sweeteners, so be mindful if this is you. Click the following link to read a good breakdown of the research in this area: https://awesomesupplements.co.uk/blogs/nutrition-fitness/is-stevia-the-healthiest-sweetener

Are your products heavy metal free?

Yes, all our products have a confirmed heavy metal free safety rating, rest assured. But you may listen to heavy metal while consuming them if you choose to.

Are your products Informed Sports tested?

No. We would love to get the badge added to our products but it’s a very costly process and at the moment we are prioritising using our budget elsewhere in the business. We do hope to get it added at some point in the future. Our products are 100% safe, and many customers that are tested do still use us, but we completely understand that may not be a risk that you wish to take.

Children and teens - can they use and how much is safe; vitamins, protein, creatine, bars, electrolytes (basically everything)?

Children under 13 would be absolutely fine (and may benefit from) using awesome fish oil and daily dose, though we recommend a 1/2 dose of the former and 1/3 dose of the latter. We recommend a ½ dose of daily dose for those aged 13-18, too.*

Both children of any age and teens can also safely use any of our protein products to make up healthy snacks or breakfasts within their own protein requirements.

We recommend under 18’s use a half dose of our electrolyte supplements, and we do not recommend under 18’s take performance blend, pre workout, or caffeine tabs.

IMPORTANT: if your child/teen has any specific medical concerns please consult a doctor before using either product.

Why don’t you sell refills? The plastic tubs are not environmentally friendly?

All of our tubs are fully recyclable via your local bin service. Alternatively, you could take to your local supermarket where they often have specific plastic recycle bins.

The tubs are also really easy and fun to upcycle, we have seen them be made into plant pots, flour or pasta containers, school projects and all sorts. We are in the process of trying to transition over to pouches.

We are also proud to be a part of an amazing project where we plant a tree for every product that we sell, not only helping the planet but providing jobs.

There’s a lot of space in the tubs, why is this?

In order to fill the tub correctly, we need to leave a certain amount of space, as it has a tendency to 'fluff' up and then settle.

My tub seal has a tiny hole in it?

All our seals have a tiny air hole to allow pressure equalisation. This is normal and not something to be concerned about.

My tub of protein powder has been opened a few weeks/months is it still safe to consume?

Some of the substances that give the product its aroma would have evaporated after the seal has been broken, and might reduce the flavour strength over a prolonged time. However; the product is still safe to consume.

You're out of stock of the product i want, what do I do?

We work hard to ensure that we do not go out of stock of any of our products. Sometimes this does happen despite our best efforts. When we do go out of stock, we work hard to ensure that we can get a product back on the shelves. If you have a query, then please contact us at cs@bencoomber.com and we can advise you of our anticipated delivery dates. Also ensure you keep and eye on our social media channels where we will provide regular updates on our products.

Does the tub contain a scoop? I can't find it

Yes. Give it a shake as it might have sunk to the bottom. When we move to pouches, we will remove the scoop.

Will the scoop give me the correct serving as it is sometimes a different size?

Scoops are standardised to volume (5ml, 25ml, etc) but when you use a product you dose it according to weight (5g, 25g, etc). We sometimes use different shapes of scoops, with the same fill capacity. If concerned about dosing precision, we recommend weighing out your doses.

Why isn't my discount code working?

Sometimes discounts are only on for a limited time, please check the offer date to see if it is still valid. We can only accept one discount code per order so trying to use more than that will not work.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us at cs@bencoomber.com where we will look into this for you.

I've input the wrong postal address, what can i do?

We ask that before you submit an order you double check that your order details and shipping address are correct. We only have a very small window before your order processes and we are no longer able to change it. In cases where an error has been made then please contact us at cs@bencoomber.com and we will see what we can do for you.



What is the benefit of having a subscription account with you?

Once you have signed up to a subscription with us, your order will automatically be sent to you based on the frequency that you chose when signing up. You do not have to do anything else.

Do I have to have a subscription to purchase with you?

No. We have created this so that you can get your products at a frequency that suits you, without you having to come back to the site and re-order manually.

How do I sign up to subscriptions?

Simply go ahead and make your usual order and instead of selecting 'one time purchase', select the 'subscription' button below. This will allow you to select how often you'd like to receive your product. Then check out as you normally would.

How do I access my subscriptions account?

You simply need to log into your Awesome Supplements account via the website, navigate to the account hyperlink at the top of the page, and then click on manage subscriptions. You can make any changes you like from this dashboard.

Can I change my card, address or personal details?

Yes. Simply log into your account as above and make the changes you require.

Can I pause, skip or change the frequency of my subscription at any time?

Yes. Simply log into your account as above and make the changes you require.

Can I stop my subscription at any time?

Yes. Simply log into your account as above and cancel.

What if the product I usually order is out of stock?

Whilst we always aim to keep this at a minimum, it sometimes does happen. We will notify you as soon as we become aware that a product is going to go out of stock. You can have the option to cancel, skip or wait for the stock to land with us.

Will my subscription order plant a tree(s) every time it's released?

Yes it will. For every unit we sell, we plant a tree.

Who can I contact if I have a different question?

Please drop us an email on subscriptions@awesomesupplements.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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