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Awesome Strength

  • Pure & unflavoured Creatine
  • Enhances strength
  • Maximises hypertrophy potential
  • Increases muscular fullness
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten & dairy free
  • Manufactured in the UK
Let's take it to the next level

Increase strength, improve power output and maximise your muscle building potential with Creatine Monohydrate, the world’s most researched ergogenic aid

Creatine is the world’s most researched sports supplement, and all of that research indicates that if you train for strength, power, hypertrophy or repeated strength endurance, then it's an ideal performance enhancing addition to your daily routine. Simply take 5g per day, and let’s take your training to the next level!

Product is 300g, giving you 60 servings at £0.40, or less if subscribing or grabbing a bundle. 

In our effort to reduce plastic use, this product does not contain a scoop. You can purchase our sustainably sourced wooden Scoops for Lifewhich can be used with all our products.

Hand on heart, this is our least innovative product, but it's a staple product in the world of gym training, sport and human performance, but now also in energy optimisation, cognition and longevity. Awesome Strength is creatine monohydrate - the worlds #1 most researched performance enhancer. No supplement company focused on human optimisation would not have creatine monohydrate in its range in its purest form, so here it is!


Pure and unflavoured.

How to use

Add 1x 10ml scoop (5g) to a shake, water, juice or smoothie (it is unflavoured so has a neutral taste) and take daily.

For Creatine to be effective you need to be optimally hydrated. We recommend an extra glass of water per day when taking Creatine as it enhances cellular absorption. Keep out of reachof young children. Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet.

Recycling means a lot to us, please recycle this #4 pouch at your local supermarket with their plastic bag recycling facility. Store in a cool dry place and consume within 3 months of opening. Keep out of direct sunlight. See pouch for best before date. This pouch does not contain a scoop.

Nutrition information

Creatine Monohydrate.

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

Ingredient Per 5g
Creatine Monohydrate 5g

Customer Reviews

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Stronger together

Get more for your money with our performance and gym bundles. Like our Functional Fitness Bundle, featuring: Focus, Boost, Strength, Hydrate and Protein.

Short answer, yes it is safe unless you have a pre-existing kidney condition. Long answer, click here as we have created a complete FAQ to answer all your questions on Creatine.

Nope. Our creatine is unflavoured, so you can add it to a protein shake, smoothie, or simply add it to water.

Yes, this is the primary reason people use creatine, alongside also wanting to maximise overall physical performance. Creatine is the worlds #1 researched performance aid, and most people in most sports and disciplines experience an increase in performance, thus increasing your ability to lift more weight and volume. So while it won't directly build muscle, it will increase your performance and ability, which will lead to muscle building (as long as you are progressing with your weight training), and make you look like you have fuller muscles as it draws water into your muscle tissue.

If you plan to carry on training on holiday then its best to keep taking it, otherwise you might see a performance decline. If you plan to fully rest on holiday, no, just go away and enjoy your holiday, and resume taking it when you are back home training again. Its rare it is an issue taking creatine on flights too, so you're unlikely to be getting a special search at the border.

Creatine is best taken daily, and there is no need to cycle it, so if you are someone exercising with purpose, and trying to hit PBs, keep it in your diet daily.

Creatine does increase your weight slightly via stored water, but this is perfectly normal and a good thing for improved performance. Rather than subcutaneous (under your skin) water retention we would usually associate with eating a salty meal and bloating, its water stored in your muscles which can make them look more full.

If you do experience bloating while taking this product, do consider other parts of your diet and lifestyle. Are you eating too much salt, are you eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, maybe a food to which you're allergic or intolerant? Daily stress and even the menstrual cycle can affect bloating, too, so always keep these things in mind and look holistically when trying to work out what is causing you to store more water than usual.

For a longer explanation on all things creatine check out our comprehensive blog on Creatine here.

While there is no reason to assume not, the research has not been done and so this is something that should be decided individually with the consent of the parent/guardian.

While it will increase load on the kidneys, this additional load is well within their capability unless you have renal issues already. There is no evidence that Creatine use in healthy people causes kidney issues.

If you are a gym goer and could only take one product due to cost, take Awesome Strength as your performance aid in increasing your strength and hypertrophy potential. If you can afford both then YES, they combine extremely well and we designed both products to be taken in this way (as is the same with Awesome Power). Awesome Strength is pure Creatine Monohydrate, a staple for committed gym goers, and the #1 gym performance aid. If you can afford to take Awesome Strength or Power, alongside Boost, do.