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A pure pharmaceutical grade creatine monohydrate powder

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What makes it Awesome?

Increase gym performance, build muscle

Increase gym performance, build muscle

Increase strength, power and physical performance

Increase strength, power and physical performance

One of the most well researched sports supplements

One of the most well researched sports supplements

Product information

Creatine monohydrate powder is the most researched sports supplement there is and has been used by athletes, gym-goers and fitness enthusiast for over 40 years. This simple, flavourless micronized creatine monohydrate powder has been shown to help improve strength, muscle growth, repeated power output and muscular endurance, all through increasing rate of ATP Turnover. Not only this, but creatine may exert some neuroprotective effects and so would be a clear winner in the supplement arsenal of just about anyone, young or old.

All we would first ask you to consider is whether you should be taking Awesome Creatine or Awesome Performance Blend, which contains creatine and beta-alanine. If you are someone who performs bouts of exercise for 60 seconds or more at a time, then the beta-alanine in Awesome Performance Blend would be of enormous benefit to you. If, however, your training involves only strength, power or hypertrophy work, then Awesome Creatine is all you need.

Check out Awesome Performance Blend HERE.

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Nutrition information

Suitable for vegans Suitable for vegans

Dairy free Dairy free

Gluten free Gluten free

Soy free Soy free

GMO free GMO free

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome Creatine'.

Allergy advice: Produced in a factory that also handles gluten, egg, peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.


Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Creatine Ingredients

Creatine monohydrate.


A heavily researched compound that aids in performance enhancement, including; strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy and explosive based activities. Read the research on Creatine at


As creatine is the one product we are asked about more than any other, we have created a complete FAQ which you can access here.

In short, however, there is no reason to assume creatine would not be safe for anyone at all, though taking it while pregnant may not be advisable just to be on the safe side. It is also not likely to cause bloating, and does not need to be cycled.

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Awesome Creatine
Suitable for vegans Dairy free Gluten free Soy free GMO free

Micronised creatine monohydrate, easily added to shakes and other liquids to improve physical performance and recovery

  • Flavourless powder
  • Recommended serving 5g, sold in 300g tubs

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