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Awesome Shaker

Awesome Shaker

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Laser etched design for ultimate durability
  • BPA free
  • 700ml capacity
  • Easy to clean & leak free
  • Comes with shaker ball inside
  • 1 Tree planted
Awesome Shaker
Time to shake things up a bit...

Mix up that protein shake, have your electrolytes with you while you train, or carry a smoothie with you to work.

We want your trusty shaker to be with you still after 10 years, thats a true sign of a sustainable hard wearing shaker. Stainless steel in build, black in design, and laser etched AWESOME for life long durability. It won't hold smells, leak, or be a chore to carry. It's got a window to see your fill line, and comes with a shaker ball to get a smooth shake every time.

Versatility, sustainability, AWESOME. 

Fill with fluid first, then add powder and mixing ball, shake like you mean it.

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