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What makes it Awesome?

Easily mixed to your taste and needs

Easily mixed to your taste and needs

Support long duration or intensive training

Support long duration or intensive training

Fast acting carbs for maximised performance

Fast acting carbs for maximised performance

Product information

Carbohydrates and electrolytes are the two primary ingredients found in sports drinks, these drinks are designed to prolong performance by drop feeding fuel to the muscles. The advantage of our Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs is the cost and flexibility, you get a big tub so you can mix it yourself, make it as strong or weak as you like, and save plastic from single use bottle purchases.

Stay Hydrated and Fight Cramp

Carbohydrate in the form of dextrose and maltodextrin are the two primary forms of fast digesting carbohydrates so are perfect to take during training of 60 minutes plus. So, if you play sport, perform endurance or triathlon training, do fitness classes back to back, do horrible long high intensity and functional training sessions, or simply anything intensive for 60 minutes or longer (the point at which your body will start to fatigued from a lack of stored muscle glycogen) then sports drinks are your friend. Combine this fast digesting carbohydrate with electrolytes and you’ll optimise muscular contractions, enhance hydration and reduce the incidence of getting cramp, which all combined will aid you in maintaining your performance over a prolonged period of training.

There’s no need for expensive BCAA drinks or overly technical intra-workout formulas during exercise. Awesome Electrolytes + Carbs taste amazing and gives you all you need, in a cost-effective way. Another simple product to keep you Awesome, while you do the thing you love, exercise! Simply add 1/2 -1 one scoop, or however much carbohydrate you feel you need to 500-1000ml of water per hour of exercise in your refillable shaker or water bottle.

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Nutrition information

Suitable for vegans Suitable for vegans

Dairy free Dairy free

Gluten free Gluten free

Soy free Soy free

GMO free GMO free

Our products are all already in myfitnesspal for dietary tracking, just search for 'Awesome Electrolytes+Carbs'.

Electrolytes and CarbsPer 100gPer 48g
Energy (kj)1290kj619kj
Energy (kcals)308kcal148kcal
of which saturates0g0g
of which sugars76g36.5g

Allergy advice: Produced in a factory that also handles gluten, egg, peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds.

Electrolyte breakdown

Ingredient nameGrams per serving
Potassium (as sulphate)0.28g
Calcium(as citrate)0.34g
Di-potassium (as phosphate)0.185g
Magnesium (as oxide)0.1g
Sodium chloride0.28g


Research behind the ingredients

When we reference the research we reference, the go to source of understandable scientific research on nutrition, supplementation and health, allowing you to be informed about the ingredients we use and the research behind them.

Pineapple & Passionfruit Electrolytes and Carbs Ingredients

Dextrose monohydrate, maltodextrin, fructose, electrolyte blend (Potassium sulphate, calcium citrate, di-potassium phosphate, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride), flavouring, colouring, sucralose.

Awesome Electrolytes with carbs

"The goal of drinking during exercise is to prevent excessive (>2% body weight loss from water deficit) dehydration and excessive changes in electrolyte balance to avert compromised performance… During exercise, consuming beverages containing electrolytes and carbohydrates can provide benefits over water alone under certain circumstances.” Read the ACSM Position Stand on Fluid Replacement


If I train for an extended periods of time, how many grams of carbohydrate do you recommend per hour?

The ISSN recommends 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour of continuous exercise that will last over 60 minutes in total duration.

Can I take this during resistance training sessions?

While there is no need to do this because resistance training rarely depletes glycogen to such a significant degree, there is no harm in this and it can promote better hydration. On top of that, there is some evidence that consuming carbohydrate during a training session results in that session causing a smaller stress response – and this may improve volume tolerance over time.

Does this contain caffeine?

This product is completely caffeine free.

Why not just drink water while exercising?

Water is fine while you exercise, especially if it’s light exercise. But as soon as exercise becomes quite intense, is in hot conditions, for a prolonged period of time, or you’re someone looking to push themselves (sweet drinks may improve performance) then it is beneficial to support training with electrolytes, or electrolytes and carbs. Electrolytes have been shown to hydrate you more effectively than water alone, and hydration is paramount to performance. Carbohydrates also prolong performance, the core role of this product.

Are electrolytes salt, so does it not taste salty?

We do an top job making them taste awesome, so there is zero hint of salt and all the fruitiness instead.

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Awesome Electrolytes+Carbs
Suitable for vegans Dairy free Gluten free Soy free GMO free

Take during training or sport to prolong training time, reduce the chances of getting cramps and to stay optimally hydrated

  • 1.2kg per tub with 25-50 servings
  • Available in a fresh, fruity flavour

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