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Hydrate + Endure

  • Enhance hydration
  • Prolong endurnace performance
  • Reduce chance of cramping
  • Cost effective pair
  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten & dairy free
  • Made in the UK
Hydrate + Endure Hydrate + Endure Hydrate + Endure Hydrate + Endure
Don't sweat it, keep going

Optimise hydration and provide fuel for powering through long training sessions and races. Simply add Endure to Hydate when you need it.

If you're someone that trains in different ways, for different lengths of time, on different days, you'll appreciate the need for supplement flexibility. Some days you might go hard and fast for 45 minutes, other days you might go slow and steady for 2.5 hours. This is where our Hydrate + Endure bundle shines.

Have Awesome Hydrate there for those short or sweaty training days (under 60 minutes), then add Awesome Endure to Hydrate for the long or hard days where carbs are needed to fuel your performance (over 60 minutes). Have both in your cupboard, and they're there when you need them, in whatever combination you need them. 

Note: The front of the Endure pouch states it has 30 servings, but it has 16.

In our effort to reduce plastic use, these products do not contain a scoop. You can purchase our sustainably sourced wooden Scoops for Lifewhich can be used with all our products.


Hydate is light and fruity. Endure is flavourless, but sweet to taste.

When adding Endure to Hydrate it will simply make the drink a little sweeter.

How to use

AWESOME HYDRATE: Add 1x 10ml scoop (8.3g) to 500-800ml of water when training or playing sport, in hot conditions, or when sweating heavily.

AWESOME ENDURE: When training for 60 minutes + add to Awesome Hydrate and shake well. The science: For continuous exercise lasting longer than 60 minutes it's recommended to consume 25-75g of carbohydrate per hour depending on the duration and intensity of your training. A 40ml scoop of Endure will give you a 25g serving of carbs.

So to clarify, when training for up to 60 minutes, use Awesome Hydrate, when training over 60 minutes, add Awesome Endure to Hydrate. 

Keep out of reach of children. Consume as partof a varied and balanced diet.

Recycling means a lot to us, please recycle this #4 pouch at your local supermarket with their plastic bag recycling facility. Store in a cool dry place and consume within 3 months of opening. Keep out of direct sunlight. See pouch for best before date. This pouch does not contain a scoop.

Nutrition information

For Awesome Hydrate ingredients and nutritional information click here.

For Awesome Endure ingredients and nutritional information click here.

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I appreciate awesome supplements and all they do.

we're here to help you push for more

No. Awesome Endure is a carbohydrate only blend and is designed to be mixed with Awesome Hydrate to offer you maximum flexibility - which then adds the electrolytes. That way, on low intensity training days you can use just Awesome Hydrate, then when you’re upping the intensity, playing sport, or going out for a few hours, add Awesome Endure to meet your needs. Awesome Hydrate - Electrolytes, Awesome Endure - The carbs.