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12 Habits of High-Performance People – Optimise your body and mind

12 Habits of High-Performance People – Optimise your body and mind


By Awesome Supplements, Read time: 2 minutes

The awesome ethos is underpinned by the desire to want to perform at our peak, every day – where possible.

Because of this our campaign called MAKE 2024 AWESOME was launched in January 2024 with the aim to give you the tools, techniques and knowledge to crush 2024. But this can be done or started at any point in time, so we wanted to bring together the campaign in it's entirety, so at any point in time you can dig into optimising your body and mind, and make yourself as high performing as humanly possible.

You might be asking yourself “What will I learn, what are the 12 habits of high performing people?”. Good question. Let us quickly give you the overview to see if it's something you want to master, then we can dig into the details.

  1. The daily hydration protocol you need based on the latest science
  2. Nutrition planning for your goals – finally master what you eat
  3. Sleep – get deep quality, restorative sleep
  4. Time productivity – how to get more back so you have more time for your health
  5. Create more powerful intentions around your goals, which lead to appropriate action
  6. Trigger removal
  7. Protein optimisation – how to maximise your intake for enhanced body composition
  8. Optimising the energy you get from the meals you eat
  9. Maximising nutrient density so you achieve optimal health
  10. How to get progressive overload in all areas of life – the value of measuring
  11. People power – how others can help us achieve our goals
  12. The 3R method

To make this journey to being more awesome as easy to digest as humanly possible we delivered this MAKE 2024 AWESOME campaign in video format accompanied by two key documents, which you can download and plan your goals on, and then track your progress.

Get the Goal Planning Document

Get the Goal Tracking Document

Download and print these and let them power you towards your goals.

Now it’s time to delve into the 12 habits, which will be about one hour in total:

First, we kick off with the BIG opener, goal setting and setting the scene:

Hack your hydration, nutrition and sleep – Habits 1-3

Hack your time, goals and environmental triggers – Habits 4-6

Hack your protein, energy and nutrient density – Hacks 7-9

Hack your gym results, environment and review process – Hacks 10-12

And there you have it, our complete MAKE 2024 AWESOME campaign in one place.

If you have questions, we have a qualified nutrition coach and personal trainer that man’s our social media, so you are only ever one click away from qualified help.

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