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Do I need electrolytes when I exercise, especially in the Summer?

Do I need electrolytes when I exercise, especially in the Summer?


By Awesome Supplements, Read time: 3 minutes

Just when we thought it would never happen, the sun has finally come out.

Up and down the country, people are baring more flesh, taking their training outdoors and enjoying the warm rays on their skin.

The marathon season is also in full swing, people are braving Tough Mudder, most triathlons are at capacity, more of us are giving open water swimming a go and everyone generally seems to be in a good mood and getting outside training.

So yes, the warm weather is very welcome after what has seemed like the longest Winter ever.

And although taking our training outdoors is a good thing (Vitamin D anyone?), we do need to remember that with additional warmth, comes additional sweating and other things that can somewhat hinder our performance. And even if you have no intention of leaving the gym, remember that we still sweat more during this time of year, so this advice is for you too!

So, before it gets too hot, read on for our guide on how to enjoy the summer whilst continuing to hit optimal performance in your workouts.

When we work hard and at a high intensity, we sweat more. And if we do the same workout at different times of year, our environment will make our bodies adapt in a different way. So, a 5k run in hot weather will certainly get us sweating more than the same distance run in the winter.

Looking for optimal performance?

When we sweat, we not only lose water from our cells, but also essential salts, which can lead to an electrolyte imbalance, which isn’t a good thing for optimal performance.

Electrolytes are essential for controlling your fluid balance, regulating your blood pressure, helping your muscles contract (and remember, your heart is a muscle!) and maintaining the acidity of your blood.

What this means in real terms is that when these are out of balance, you risk seeing a decline in performance, the onset of fatigue and if bad, the dreaded cramps. In other words, everything you don’t want to happen during a workout.So, when we sweat and lose some of these essential electrolytes, rehydration is key – or ideally, maintenance of optimal hydration as you go. But before you reach for the water, just have a think about how you hydrate.

Rehydrating with electrolytes will take care of what you lose and leave you to focus on your performance. Remember, although we may just want to drink water, we need to think about all those minerals we have lost. Finding a formula that contains the right balance of electrolytes but also one that tastes good and gives you that refreshing feeling will give you the sense of security that even though you’re sweating loads more than usual, you can maintain your performance levels and really push on through your session.

Girl taking a drink of electrolytes from a bottle whilst running

Research has shown that people who drink sweetened electrolyte drinks perform harder and for longer. It’s known as the mouth swilling effect so if you’re serious about your training, bear this in mind. Fruity, light and refreshing are the adjectives people like to use when discussing their rehydration options.

Don't let your sleep suffer

Being well hydrated also helps us manage something else that can suffer during warmer weather – our sleep. Sleep promotes performance, recovery and overall health, so why do so many of us overlook it?

Rather than running the risk of developing a headache, waking up with a dry mouth or experiencing cramping during the night, use your electrolytes both during and after spending time in the sun, whether exercising or not as it’s likely you’ll not rehydrate optimally with water along (especially as modern tap water contains no electrolytes at all).

So, to summarise, as the weather gets warmer, electrolytes can become your best friend. As well as providing a refreshing drink, they’re pressing the reset button on your body to keep you balanced, energised and more importantly, able to crush your workout.

And the great thing is, they aren’t an expensive supplement to use. So even if you’re on the fence as to whether they would benefit you or not, it's not a big risk to try. Our product Awesome Hydrate is only £13 for 30 servings. So, if you exercise on average 4x per week, it's going to last you a good 6 weeks or more, or less if using it when in the hot weather, gardening etc. Either way it's not an expensive supplement at all, and thus, well worth a try.

 Awesome Hydrate pouch in Blackcurrant, Orange and Watermelon

Check out Awesome Hydrate HERE, give it a try for a month, and see how it can affect your performance, recovery and energy levels – especially now it's the summer – let nothing hold back the fun!

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