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Awesome Boost and Awesome Focus - what do they do?

Awesome Boost and Awesome Focus - what do they do?


By Awesome Supplements, Read time: 3 minutes

This blog will cover:

  • What Awesome Boost (pre-workout) is
  • Who should take Awesome Boost?
  • What is in Awesome Boost and what do the ingredients do?
  • When should I take Awesome Focus & dosage

So without further ado, let's go!

There are many reasons you may reach for a pre workout. Perhaps you are looking to maximise your performance, or aiming to reduce the onset of fatigue, or maybe you’re just feeling a bit meh and need something to push you through, so that you finish your session feeling super pumped and awesome.

gif of UFC fighter saying 'my rib's cracked but i feel awesome'

(minus the cracked rib, hopefully!)

And these are the things that a pre workout should do. But read on as they actually go far deeper than this…we’ve broken down the science so you don’t have to!

Let’s start with what most of us would think makes up the bulk of a pre workout - caffeine. After all, this is what we reach for when we need an injection of energy isn’t it?

gif of woman dancing with the caption 'when the caffeine hits'

Well, to a certain extent, yes. But did you know that the amount of caffeine you take should relate to your body weight? So sometimes a caffeine-heavy pre workout may not be the best choice. Supplements don’t tend to be sold separately for a 55kg endurance athlete or a 120kg bodybuilder, yet both these  athletes can benefit from a pre workout.  And that’s why we like to keep Boost (our pre workout) and our caffeine supplement Awesome Focus separate.

“Get your buzz without the anxiety”

We have made Boost caffeine-free, so that caffeine levels can be added and manipulated by the individual according to their weight, needs and tolerance level, IF they require them at all. Many of our users find that using Boost on its own, ticks every box they need. And the lack of caffeine certainly helps with one of the most important recovery tools out there - sleep.

So, if there’s no caffeine in a pre workout, what does actually go into it?

Well, as we said earlier, a pre workout should tick many boxes. It should  improve performance, reduce fatigue and keep you focused throughout your workout. So read on to discover what fuels our secret weapon.

Let’s start with a blood flow boost. Getting a pump is what gives us that awesome sensation when we’re putting everything into our training. L-Citrulline Malate boosts the production of nitric oxide in the body, allowing the arteries to relax which in turn improves blood flow. The more the blood flows, the better the pump. Box ticked.

gif of man flexing bicep

(Actual results may vary... 😂)

The performance boost is slightly more complex and requires two different supplements, Betaine Anhydrous and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate.

These products focus on our metabolism and are absolute game changers when it comes to training. They work in tandem to delay the onset of exercise fatigue and muscle weakness, allowing us to work at a higher intensity for longer. Tick that box again.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, we need to consider what’s going on in our brain. It’s very easy to focus on our body and what it’s doing, but what we are thinking can have a HUGE effect on out training outcome. Look at how many goals are scored in football when the defence are caught napping. Or how an athlete couldn’t reach their performance goals because their head wasn’t quite there.

That’s why a pre workout can help. We need mental sharpness and there are things out there to help with this. Boost contains L-Tyrosine and Alpha GPC for optimal cognitive function. And that’s the third box ticked giving you the triple effect.

gif of man pointing to head and saying 'focus'

After reading this, we hope it has become clear that a pre workout isn’t just for your bros who are looking for a Monday night pump at the gym. So many people who train and play sport can benefit from the three-layered attack of a pre workout.

Mental sharpness, the ability to work out at a higher intensity and having a better pump is probably what most of us are after when we put on our trainers and head out to get our endorphins.

The other good thing with a pre workout, especially our Boost, is that it’s super-easy to take. Add a small scoop (16g) to 150-400mls water anywhere between 15-30 minutes before your session is due to start and know that your energy, power and stamina will all be given an awesome boost throughout your session. Oh, and did we mention that not only is it gluten and dairy-free, it’s also vegan.

And if you still want the additional caffeine kick, opt for Awesome Focus to save you nipping out for an espresso.

Have an awesome workout!

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by Awesome Supplements